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  1. I heard snippets of Dave's Picks #9 on a radio program and loved it; ended up downloading the album, fucking great. I never really heard much from The Dead aside from studio albums and never really "got it" until now, hooked. Recommend me some more good live stuff folks, I seriously have been listening to this non stop. Definitely feeling "Playing in The Band", Me And My Uncle" and "El Paso". Dave's Picks #9: http://www.dead.net/store/1970s/daves-picks-volume-9-harry-adams-field-house-u-montana-51474-cd
  2. Some good shit on this blog: http://screwedupeverything.blogspot.com/
  3. Viper car alarm: Saw a Viper decal on a Miata today, they're still around?!?! "No one dares come close"
  4. oh shit. edit: and who is dr. nick?
  5. That's fucking awesome, everything on that list kicks ass.
  6. been digging this lately. edit: huge fucking image.
  7. J Walk - Soul Vibration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMzhqw_TlFQ Oldy, but goody.
  8. Annoying the neighbors. Wreckless Eric - Take the Cash Pixies - Bird Dream of The Olympus Mon OFF! - Peace in Hermosa The Clean - Platypus The Kids - This is Rock n' Roll
  9. The real question is, if you have a security system that notifies the police of a break-in, does that make you a snitch by default? DAO?
  10. Thanks to this thread, I realized it was my Mom's birthday soon and I should probably call her and what not. We speak maybe once or twice a month tops and I've only been out to see her twice in the last 10 years. /Shitty son oner. I called her tonight and wish her happy birthday and all we ended up talking about was my scum bag step-brother who was dealing and smoking meth out of one of her rental properties that her and her husband were kind enough to let him live in to "get on his feet" after a run of bad luck (read:meth) and a short stay in county. Long story short (pay attention to this part DAO), they decided to call the drug task force on him so they could get him hemmed up, out of the house and get the help he needs. From what she said this little fuck is still there and the "jakes" never picked him up. Needless to say, I'm mad pissed, and being half-way across the country from all this bullshit is not making it any easier. My Mom is the nicest lady in the world (aren't they all) and a fucking pushover, so she's not going to be confrontational with this kid, plus she's getting older and shouldn't be dealing with this bullshit. I'm seriously contemplating making an unannounced visit to the Midwest this week to straighten this shit out myself. But yeah, I guess family is important thanks for reminding me protester. /end vent Thank you and goodnight.
  11. You ever meet that guy who always talks about pussy and how much he gets? You're that guy.
  12. Got some new records from a guy I work with who's going through a divorce recently. Digging through stacks of moldy vinyl sneezing my ass off trying to find the ones worth keeping/not too moldy. Should've done this outside.
  13. And there it is folks. http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2012/07/ncaa_decision_on_penn_state.html I'm glad that all this shit is coming to a close, for the most part. I live 90 miles south of State College, and this is all I've been hearing about all summer. I think it's kind of fucked the pedestal that America place its collegiate sports programs on. I understand the need for sports in education, but when sports eclipses education, whether it be in a high school or university setting that's a problem.
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