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Short Stories you read in High School

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Anyone remember the name of that short story about the kid that was born at sea and spent most of his life at sea all the while this shark patiently followed him his whole life? Then the man lived on ground for some years but whenever he went to the ocean he'd always see the shark waiting for him? I dont remember how it ended...



How about that human sacrifice story The Lottery? EVERYONE has read that




Thinking about these stories almost makes me want to get a HS english text book.

it's funny because all i remember thinking when i was in english class is how much I didn't like it.

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I've been meaning to look for Welcome to the Monkey House.

Anything by Vonnegut is guaranteed awesome.


The Lottery was kinda gay. I don't even understand why the fuck they made us read that nonsense. The same thing with The Most Dangerous Game, although that was actually pretty bad ass.


Even in the best English classes the kids around would read like they've never seen a book.

Dude you're 16 how did you make it this far reading like the kid from Billy Madison??

Group reading was wack.

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the worst short story ever written.

i had to read it three times in three different grades not counting when it was used in county assessments. the fucking worst trite country ass bullshit story ever written. not deep or meaningful at all. useless. i am fucking mad as shit that that story got brought out of the dark inaccessible corner in my mind that i had tried to tuck it into.


i dare someone to defend that story. i really do. try and tell me its well written and meaningful and not the swollen abcess of the literature world.

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Group reading was wack.


Agreed. I kind of have a stammer so i always cringed when we had to do this.




Does anyone know what the fuck story i was talking about in my top post?? It's driving me nuts

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