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  1. those freddy mercury tattoos are not bad tattoos/nh and whats the story behind pornhub dude?
  2. lol i got this photo hanging on my wall from that thrasher
  3. no such thing as a bad wu tang tatoo the fuck outta here.
  4. http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1671848/arrested-development-movie.jhtml ohhhh hells yes
  5. in gails apartment last season
  6. drink triple see double stay single
  7. were these those toys that actually came in a little garbage bag and trash can or was that a candy?
  8. lol that little girl one is so ruthless troll dad ftw
  9. poor ophans http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WA7lNgst6wE
  10. looks like he got................ clowned on
  11. lol i figured as much carry on
  12. i know that jace video from years ago but shit i didnt know that was him gettin beat up? shit son
  13. ^^ yea it is but you legit have to stay at the hospital for two weeks without leavin hahahahaha and ride share man i used to kill that to mtl atleast once a month the dude used to let me ride for thirty bucks and just get shit pissed the whole way
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