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very old news. I'm taking summer classes and

what is usually a 14 week hookup has been distilled

and packed into 6. This shits hard to begin with

and the guy is moving at a rate of 4 chapters a week.

each chapter has 8 activities that i have to document

with screencaps and additionally a lab book with

4 more activities. A WHOLE LOT OF BULLSHIT.

Fact of the matter i would way rather talk about

it than be about the shit but i got a test manana

por la manana.... I need to unplug some electronics

or studying isnt going to occur

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I've been staying up late and getting up early.


Tired, but this girl wants to hang out daytime.


Smash, then sleep.

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i remember someone making this same thread a long time ago,


but im cool with it, because you posted pics of roscoes chicken and waffles.

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thanks my dude cali.



"Let us start at the beginning, as any decent scientists should, and

present the most basic query that we may.Chickens are our primary

concern, specifically the composition, and behavior of your typical rural

or fast-food variety. When we consider the composition of chickens,

we find that they are, like most earth poultry, composed primarily of

hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon compounds.Not at all unusual. But when

we consider the more highly evolved fast-food chickens,

we discover that due to an exothermic reaction and the application

of external mixtures (marinations) the chicken's composition becomes

highly unpredictable and we must therefore resort to chaos theory

to determine it's true composition. As we shall discover later, the true

composition of a chicken cannot be acurately observed at the same

time as it's location and velocity (due to the Sanders uncertainty principle),

and so we can never be 100% sure that the chicken whose composition we

have sampled is the one we intended to sample or some other chicken

somewhere else."

chicken theory googled







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has the initial thread been made before? yes, but its not an everlasting thread like your days in pies or the myspace thread


doesnt make it right - not saying we should have 2-3 threads for every little subject, but real old threads that get bumped lose momentum real quick. people are quicker to let them die due to the starting date, its almost a taboo thing to do...


basically, we want a shiny new one


the chicken - 2010

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gross nigga. but forreal though. think about it. that chicken bitch

just gave birth. and they stay doin this. EVERYDAY. what if real live

bitches popped kids out once a day....it'd be some baby huntin

motherfuckers out here.





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That said, I went to KFC (Kentucky) today and tried their new extra crispy strips, and they were pretty good.

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