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Everything posted by Vulcan

  1. Re: jlaw nekkid pics theyre all over 4chan, apparently theres supposed to be a bunch more from different celebs tonight as well.
  2. Wasnt dude who chopped dudes head off, some rapper?
  3. Watched, nearly the whole season while on shrooms. It was wild.
  4. The weather is terrible out there right now, isn't it? Coulda swore I read somewhere they were planning on ending the event early due to heavy rains or some shit. Anyways, I was tryin to go with some peoples, but then I realized, I'd rather stay home and work/make money.
  5. Oh how I love seeing self promo spam.
  6. Damn, can't prop on my iPhone. #Hashtag #Firstworldproblems
  7. Damn! This was dope as fuck back in the day. Lol I still owe Seyer a package......
  8. I thought I was banned still. I don't know how to feel about, not being banned.
  9. Wait, what exactly got updated? Pardon me, I haven't been here for awhile, and everything looks the same. Except, for the lack of DAO threads on the first page and it seems like barely anyone posts anymore. I'm actually really surprised that some of y'all are still here.
  10. Just watched the warriors, like 5 minutes ago. Ever imagine what would have happened if they never killed Cyrus?
  11. It's all just a conspiracy. Illuminati is behind this, aliens.
  12. Remember to "load" your bread and toothpaste dice.
  13. Glad to see y'all nurgas still posting here, it's been a long time.
  14. This is now a TCB thread. Okay fuck heads we get it, you're super up in places no one can see.
  15. Bump Black for making that spot look fucking gay... Thanks faggot.
  16. Yo slappy can't prop you anymore... But you get that shit!!!! Can anyone tell me how to post flicks via iPhone ?
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