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  1. also what ever happened to earl broclo esq?? that dude had great posts.
  2. If you can't pull a chick at the bar tonight and get laid you just have no game whatsoever.
  3. Got this about a week ago from Javier Rodriguez at LTW in Barcelona And got this in my ditch from Deno at Circus in Madrid yesterday
  4. Caught this in Madrid, Spain today. Alsoe ICK there's a santa cruz tag under it, but i couldn't get over the fence to take a better flick.
  5. Re: ex-cop on cop killing spree in CA So now the manhunt extends to Mexico amid revelations that he purchased scuba gear in the days before his spree started. This guy's like the Colton Harris-Moore of cop killing.
  6. well fuck. i guess i missed the whole thing. shouts out to my niggas Squad Boy Pee and Liltonyreppin Ydl Keep Apurpleflag doe!!
  7. I visited the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum yesterday. Here's a few highlights. (The lighting made it difficult to get some shots without glare, so sorry about that.) Samoan tattoo implements not sure who did these old sheets Horiyoshi I Tattoo Peter Ole Hansen Painless Jeff Rusty Skuse
  8. I walked into Tattoo Peter's in Amsterdam yesterday and Bill Loika tattooed this cobra and rose from one of his flash sheets on me. I'm really happy with it. He took a lot of time and got every detail perfect. Afterwards we went to a restaurant around the corner where his son is the chef and drank beers, ate steaks, and talked politics and conspiracy theories. It turns out we'd both spent some time in the same little area of northern Cali so we tripped out about how that was pretty random.
  9. seen a few snore delk pestoe and roar from 2006 still running in prague
  10. black beanie white t grey and black rei jacket dark blue 501s grey nike air flights this is my traveling outfit I'm rocking pretty much seven days a week low key and not flashy making me less of a target for gypsies and muggers, but still looking clean. on colder days i add a grey hanes crew neck into the mix. and im not gonna lie, ive been rocking a man purse to carry my camera, markers/mops, journal, and miscellaneous shit.
  11. got back on the cabaret horse thursday. now that I'm out of the city center tourist trap area and posted in zizskov I've found the strip clubs and brothels that are legit. finally popped my hooker cherry. got a nice massage, dome and fucked by a gorgeous pro for less than a hundred bucks. last night i took it pretty easy. chilled at the bar around the corner owned by the dude that owns my hostel. blind eye is legit i highly recommend it if you're gonna stay in Prague. drank beer and whiskey all night, smoked morrocan hash at the bar and danced with some wasted expat British chicks. i spe
  12. i don't really have anything to contribute here. just wanted to say thanks for the lols. :lol: :lol: :lol: ;)
  13. i fucked off for most of my teens and twenties. dropped out of high school, worked at some sandwich shops and sold a bunch of small bags of herb to get by. i worked at the main library in downtown san jose for about six months but got fired after showing up late and hungover too often. i did get domed up in the dowstairs room where we checked the books back in though. one of my favorite jobs was working for a plant company in portland or. we leased plants to office buildings, gyms, hotels etc. three days a week i drove a route and watered and fed plants at those locations. no time cards,
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