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  1. SHE? You sure about that tho? Bitch lookin' like Divine from Pink Flamingos.
  2. Re: the room full of snatch... Bottom Left has got to be some kind of shop. That said, indiscriminate smash to all just on G.P.
  3. Who said anything about tags or throws or anyone going over anyone? A sticker can be removed. It's going to happen, because it can. You're doing fucking graffiti, you don't get to make rules up about who's allowed to do what with what. If that bothers you that much, don't use stickers.
  4. if you give a fuck what happens to your sticker once you put it up, you're doing it wrong.
  5. NNNNAAAAHHHHH to carrot arms.
  6. How bout this one? We KNOW she's 18, and we KNOW she's down to mess with another girl. Sump'm not quite right with that face tho.
  7. Smash or Trash: Slightly Unstable Chicks Edition
  8. Dis bish looks like an overgrown infant. Creeeeps. Still, smash.
  9. GUH. NO. Fat Skank is a fat skank. And the other bitch look like her name is Jamal.
  10. one by one, smash and toss overboard.
  11. I tried to save them and it wasn't until years later that I realized I hadn't actually saved them. Fucking RealAudio. I've asked about this before, but nobody ever says a damn thing.
  12. bump CD RBN and Blash in the cut i believe
  13. i can't figure out why, but yes.
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