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  1. I'm in the dirty dirty for 48 hours...suggestions from any fellow ch.0 brethren on what's poppin is much appreciated.
  2. When were u here? That motel is beyond sketchy. Every time I pass it, I can't believe it's still open after all these years. Would have been nice to link and do some urban shrelping. Plenty of chill spots to skate here.
  3. Hello records in Corktown is better...trust. And yes Al-Ameer > all other Lebanese Restaurants....
  4. Did somebody say Detroit?
  5. Trying to jailbreak your phone with non working sleep and home buttons is rather annoying.
  6. Have any of you fixed your iPhone 4 sleep/power button yourselves....I've tried...and can't figure the right size shim to wedge underneath the button. Any suggestions?
  7. Fapdu.com Spankwire.com Youjizz.com Xhamster.com Redtube.com Tube8.com
  8. I'm actually going back to Negril in 20 days
  9. Next time....go to Negril...way cheaper....way more low key...not nearly as many stupid corn ball American tourists...doesn't smell like car fumes like Mo Bay does. I've stayed there 4 times now....fuck Mo Bay
  10. Oh shit....friend of the devil beat me to it!! I'll respond to his: HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS: Liked: I need a new drug Disliked:the power of love Next band: BAD BAD NOT GOOD
  11. Love is a psych-rock band from the 70's....very good music...jimmy hendrix got his steeze from the lead singer of this band. This song got popular http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNcXFy8QTC4&sns=em Since people don't want to play the game right....and actually take the time to look up the music suggested ...I'll go back to McLovin's post: Band: Living Legends Liked:"forces of nature" ( although I enjoy most of their music...been a fan of LL for awhile) Dislike: no song specifically (they have a fuck ton of material out) sometimes the faster paced production starts to get a Lil corny at times for me. TPBM: Bad Bad Not Good
  12. False: fuck a cheese steak Tpbm: pees in the shower
  13. They are from Detroit....no offense taken though..hahaha Injury gave me :saukrates Liked : play dis (bumped this a lot in highschool) Disliked: money or love; didn't really dislike...more like; meh Tpmb: Love
  14. @injury: sure they are not from Detroit?
  15. A lot of facepalming going on in this thread
  16. Happy for the silva win...sad it ended with out mass blood shed...
  17. i find it kinda odd that it would be called BEAUTIFY DETROIT.... when almost all those daytime walls are in hamtramck..... thoughts anyone?
  18. 20 year anniversary...fuck I'm old
  19. I agree with you with the exception of #2(well, at least the first part of it) Chael is not smart. Smart people usually don't run their mouths as much as he does...and when they do, they also usually know what they are talking about. In an interview he said that Silva is a discrace to the sport because he wears his hat backwards. Srsly br0!?! He is steady running his mouth about other cultures when he knows little to nothing about them. Shitty personality aside...dude is a beast in the octagon. However Silva is going to beat the breaks off of him.
  20. Alright alright ...those screen shots just motivated me to get back on my draw something grind...today I'm am officially ending my draw something hiatus. Tits or die!!!
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