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Glue and Chinese Food

Burger King

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those dogs would be cool if they weren't so obnoxious. If they had the personality of say a beagle or an english bulldog they would be fucking down. And as for horses they are cool from far away but I don't like being too close to them. A band I used to play in had practice space out on a small horse farm and when the rest of the band was stoned they always wanted to go chase the horses. I just sat up in a tree waiting for one of them dumbasses to take a hoof to the face.

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yo this fool I roll with would bust you're lip for talking shit on weiner dogs....hes also asian sooooooo naturaly we talk a ton of shit about his love for mut meat!


I would fight your friend on my opinion toward the Dachshund. I would win because my opinion is hate and anger filled whille his is lovey cuddly. He would die in the war of the wiener dog.

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