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  1. I just stated that cloverleafs are used in areas with heavy traffic because it keeps more traffic off of the freeway. Then you just went to how people should utilize public transportation, which I agreed with... No biggie.
  2. That's not really saying much. Both the cities are pretty small population wise. What's with the constant argument? It's just a freeway offramp. I really don't feel that strongly about it. Maybe you have some construction or engineering background I don't know about. I was just going by the info the wikipedia gave me. Diamond interchanges are good and cost effective for areas that don't have a lot of traffic. That's just what it says, geez.
  3. Yeah I've done a few rollers in that lame ass peanut butter color we got from the city.
  4. I totally think that the big cities on the west coast should utilize more public transportation. I try when I can. I'm probably one of the few people that have actually rode the Los Angeles subway. But I was just saying why the diamond interchanges wouldn't really work in bigger cities. Anyway, back on topic. I know this skater that as soon as he got a contract bought a Navigator, and like a week later while he was driving he went to kiss his girlfriend (while driving), and subsequently wrapped his week old Navigator around a pole.
  5. Well you don't actually activate it by phone. You just choose that option... Then use the keygen to get the activation codes.
  6. I just remembered that ABC is from Aus. Which makes sense since the population and traffic problems aren't as high there, no wonder you'd be used to those. From that wiki.. "he diamond interchange makes more efficient use of space than most types of freeway interchange, and avoids the interweaving traffic flows that occur in interchanges such as the cloverleaf. Thus, it is most effective in areas where traffic is light and a more expensive interchange type is not needed. But where there is significant traffic, the two intersections within the interchange may cause congestion and accidents, requiring additional features such as traffic lights and extra lanes dedicated to turning traffic, or (as in the United Kingdom) a pair of roundabouts to create a type of junction called a dumbbell interchange."
  7. I used to have a Tahoe. But I was constantly using all of the space in it... Then I sold it, now I have a little Camry, but I think I'm going to get a CTS when I get back. I like em.
  8. Weird because you aren't Revok or Aloy...
  9. I took a picture of a tag of yours. That is all from me.
  10. Well all the ones I've seen do I guess... I know one that merges onto a street, but during rush hour nobody lets merging cars in. So it's kind of the same deal.
  11. And that's why they have cloverleafs.
  12. Diamonds usually exit onto a major road, and if you have a red light on that road and hundreds of people getting off that's usually when a problem happens. I'm not saying that you're not right about cloverleafs, they cause accidents all the time, but they keep cars off of the freeway, which is why they are usually put in areas with tons of traffic.
  13. The reason more freeways have cloverleaf interchanges as opposed to diamond is because of the amount of traffic. Cloverleafs are able to hold ALOT more traffic. You can find diamond interchange in areas that haven't been renovated, and generally they back up pretty far on the freeway, which causes even more traffic problems. Ask anyone that takes the exits on the 880 in Oakland.
  14. Re: Don't Call it Frisco Why? Not enough garbage in your life?
  15. I guarantee there was an option that said verify by phone. I just installed the thing 2 days ago.
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