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  1. holy fucking shit. yo is that how it happened though? he was texting?
  2. Found an Einstein quote, but didn't know where else to post this. But I used to ponder about this very same idea regarding mathematics and its absolute and flawless methods when measuring anything in the universe, despite being contrived from human thought. " How can it be that mathematics, being after all a product of human thought which is independent of experience, is so admirably appropriate to the objects of reality? Is human reason, then, without experience, merely by taking thought, able to fathom the properties of real things. " - Albert Einstein
  3. Good for you, but as I said already, I'm speaking of his past bravery, heroic sacrifices, etc.
  4. Just wanted to make a thread about 'em, since I wear them. And I know others here must as well. My two favorite brands are Lacoste and Polo Ralph Lauren, but I'll rock any brand as long as it's lookin nice. I like the ones with the big horses as well. But I don't know about rockin' em tight like that with the collar popped. Some Lacoste's: with the big gator:
  5. I used to wear just whatever cheap jeans but lately I've been getting more high end shit... Rock & Republic - 3 pairs... two in dark blue, one with yellow stitching, the other with red stitching... one in gray with blue stitching 7 For All Mankind - 3 pairs one in dark blue, one in black, the other in white Buffalo Jeans - Light blue Cut & Sew (by Marc Ecko) - 2 pairs -- one in brown, one in blue/green... Now I normally don't like Marc Ecko, but he has a new line of clothes that aren't his usual wiggered-out shit with the big rhino logo and graffiti letters. These are more stuff like button-up shirts, argyle sweaters, polos, chinos, blazers, dress pants, etc... I might get some Evisu and some True Religion jeans later... perhaps Ed Hardy. I recently got a couple pair of some Banana Republic khakis/chinos. I used to just get jeans from some outlet store or at Ross or some shit... I guess you can say I been hanging out with a few high-fashion broads lately and they've caused me to up my dress game.
  6. I'm talking about his sacrifices in Vietnam, and his loyalty to his country... despite how misguided his recent loyalty may have been. I'm not voting for dude BTW.
  7. Who do I bash? People that post here? If that's what you mean, that's a lie. At most, I get into a heated debate with someone where we disagree. But I don't "bash" people here. If you're referring to people in the media and politicians or whatever, then yeah I do. I've bashed Bush, various Muslim extremists, Hillary Clinton, etc. Obama also said McCain is a "great American". But Obama doesn't support McCain's policies.
  8. Yeah everybody on a graff message board aren't anarchist rebels and hippies believe it or not. Doesn't mean I support his policies, but I respect many aspects about the man. He's a better man that Bush, but unfortunately he'll just repeat Bush's policies.
  9. Did he really say 300 years? I just want a source, since you have been known for being the king of misinformation. 300 years in Iraq is older than the entire current existance of the United States itself. 300 years in Iraq is ridiculously far-fetched and unpredictable (we don't know what the world's political/social/economical situation will be like then). Sounds pretty rambunctious to make such a statement.
  10. She's bitter that Obama is ahead despite her being the favorite early on. So she's going to try and scratch and tear at him as much as possible, even to the detriment of the party. We know one thing for sure -- she can't win in state victories. There are 10 states left, and Obama is up by 14. Clinton winning all 10 would still be behind. Which means she more than likely won't win in the popular vote or in pledged delegates. So this all rests on the superdelegates, whom I think will side with the people's wishes. What's scary and surprising is how clueless McCain is/was on what's going on in Iraq. Last month he kept stating that Iran was funding and supporting Al Qaeda; that Al Qaeda was going back and forth between Iran and Iraq to resupply and get training. Anyone that has been paying a little attention would know that Iran is Shia and Al Qaeda is Sunni, and are bitter enemies (although both share a common hate for the US). Iran is only funding and supporting Shia extremists, but not Al Qaeda. The Shia extremists are now a bigger threat to Iraq than the now-tattered (but not eliminated) Al Qaeda.
  11. McCain was beaten to the point that he can't raise his arms all the way up today. They offered to release him because of his dad's admiral status, but he declined. Some POW's got treated worse than him, some better.
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