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  1. Skilla54

    my fucked up new situation

    your on probation and 20k in debt ...... take what you can get.
  2. straight baby thighs
  3. Skilla54


    no shit drugs fuck you up
  4. Skilla54

    Self Surgery.

    could you just die already for even talking about doing this
  5. Skilla54

    The FML Thread

    wheres the no homo thread
  6. Skilla54


    double down trash
  7. Skilla54

    Thursday Lunchtime Poll !!!

    ya do nothing it was meant to be. its just a booger aint gonna kill him. unless u have aids boogers. plus this dude doesnt even know how to dress himself proper. he deserves anything coming to him.
  8. Skilla54

    Barry McGee "Mural" on Houston Street and Bowery

    the fact this dude is crying about it and claiming street cred lets these guys win even though really no one cares
  9. Skilla54


    i havent copped any jayballs in a minute but i will tell you im coping those cement 3s in january
  10. Skilla54

    Boardwalk Empire

    well i gotta say im impressed by this show. pretty original pretty weird big ups to my homie joe the wife beater from the first show
  11. Skilla54


    not the smartest idea postn before they release but fuck yall def grabbn 2 or 3 pairs
  12. Skilla54

    The last person to reply to this thread...

    ray jeno be on point for the funny corny raunchy humor
  13. Skilla54

    UK Hip Hop/Grime/Dubstep MegaThread v2!!!!

    i dont know if this is what yall fuck with, but i took me a few months to find this track. so here.
  14. Skilla54

    No Shave November 2010

    im on that shit where i have it lined and trimed but i let the go tee grow long. well see how this goes.
  15. Skilla54

    Boardwalk Empire

    ya fucking weird ending. guess its just to show how everyone has flaws. some people like to get drunk and fuck others like to stare at 16 yer old immigrants and whip theyself