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  1. you guys realize that the Hornets are owned by the NBA (29 other owners) right? Owners should get to vote on any moves the team makes.
  2. My favorite mexican place is Agave - http://www.agaverestaurant.com/ The food is great, but the drinks are what's really good. If you're trying to just go out for some drinks / tapas type lounge spot go to the SoundTable. It's pretty trendy and classy, I saw Dam Funk there. My favorite brunch spot is Ria's Bluebird - http://riasbluebird.com/ If you go there on a Saturday at like 1pm you could very well see me hungover. It's so hipster'd out. There's like a prototype for ATL hipsters - they all wear tight black jeans and have tons of expensive looking tats and all work as waiters at Fellini's or some shit. Either way, I've only lived in Atlanta for a bit because I go to school there, this is the best I could do for you.
  3. gameboid (plays all GBA games) google tracks excellent if you're a runner doubletwist
  4. Mexicans and Jews all over Queens rejoice!
  5. Their music sucks too. Serbia is my sleeper pick to get further than anyone expects. Those people will actually kill you.
  6. I know they're Al Harrington's wack ass 30$ sneakers, but tell me not if those black and red 'proteges' were JOs they'd sell like fire.
  7. damn stay classy papo! sometimes it's better not to say anything.
  8. Can you possibly upload that?? :heartbeat: :heartbeat: I've been searching everywhere for a rapidshare link, but as usual stone's throw is tight with their leaks. I would definitely buy it if I wasn't a broke ass college student. I get a lot of my contemporary music from pitchfork. I don't blindly abide by them, I usually read the review and if it seems like it's up my alley I'll give it a listen. But if the review says something along the lines of "Sweedish pop-sensations using only noises one can make in a garage with four female harmonic vocals" i know it's just some pitchfork hipster nonsense. I just got Sade - Promise a few days ago in hopes of finding something fun to sample. After listening to the whole record I immediately found out the whole thing has been sampled to death. Had fun making a beat with the song "Fear" which is the same song sampled for "Where ya heart at?" by Mobb Deep.
  9. Theo I think you're confused with 9 and 3..just sayin'
  10. The 49ers are going to be sick. I think if they had an average qb, they'd win that sorry ass division for sure. Patriots have mad draft picks, they're probably gonna retool. Jets are like 1.5 offensive weapons and a solid performance by the sanchize away from another AFC championship game. LT and Westbrook are so washed up, you can find more effective young players in the 3-4th round. Where's Vick gonna go? For some reason i feel like he's about to get into sick shape if he gets a starting job.
  11. I'd have a Balkan string quartet play songs... shit would be official. I want people to be sad when I die, fuck that.
  12. I disagree with you sir. The only elite athletes I can think of in the olympics are hockey players.. All the best athletes do things like play soccer in england, dunk on shawn bradely, or run 100m in like 9.4 seconds. Someone going uphill on skis and occasionally shooting a rifle at a target is not a sport. Also luging and all of that? c'mon son. I watched the canada vs. usa hockey game and it was the first time i've ever really enjoyed watching the winter olympics. I still watch it when i'm hungover on my couch and hoping to see people crash going 95mph down a sled.
  13. If you do get any snow, I'm assuming everything will shut the fuck down. I know in Georgia when we get like 1" every school in a 200 mile radius gets shut down and postmen sit their lazy asses at home watching shit like Maury and Ellen. If they're cool they may watch sportscenter 3 times in a row.
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