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  1. blackhills


    latest purchase
  2. blackhills

    ************************ hella sikk tattz thread?

    tried searching the thread but couldn't find an answer. i'm going to be in phoenix later this month. need recommendations for traditional work please.
  3. blackhills


    best sneaker purchase i have ever made. so fucking comfy.
  4. blackhills

    Do We Have a Florida Thread?

    http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/21/us/justice-department-opens-inquiry-in-killing-of-trayvon-martin.html?_r=1&hp just clicked on weapon's link. sorry for the repost.
  5. blackhills

    ************************ hella sikk tattz thread?

    that, and i feel like i'm seeing a forehead tatzapski. overall, bad bite.
  6. blackhills

    What Are You Listening To: 2012endoftheworldyo

    drop nineteens - delaware currently this song on the album
  7. blackhills

    last thing you ate?

    whopper jr with cheese.
  8. blackhills

    What are you wearing 2012

    me and system have the same wardrobe minus the khakis, add mets cap.
  9. blackhills

    ***Netflix "Instant" Watch***

  10. blackhills

    The Beer Thread

    a bar my buddy works at is getting a few cases of the hitachino 3 days soon. selling it for 25$ a pop or something like that. i will absolutely be trying one, free of charge. http://beerstreetjournal.com/3000-bottles-of-kiuchi-3-days/ http://beerstreetjournal.com/deadly-earthquake-makes-hitachinos-3-days-beer/
  11. blackhills

    ************************ hella sikk tattz thread?

    fair enough. i was more so speaking for myself in that i agree with boltz. i'm going to keep it classic and get an eagle on my chest. valerie vargas
  12. blackhills

    ************************ hella sikk tattz thread?

    visit brooklyn, better yet, williamsburg, brooklyn. wolves and owls on every other person. with that said i do indeed have a wolf head, and it's bad ass. also, wolves have been in flash sheets along with the rest of the classic tattoo images. they've just become more popular in the past few years maybe? i think steve boltz said it best in one of dan santoro's tattoo age episodes when it comes to owls, though. something like people wanting to get owls on their chests and he says "why dont you just get a fucking eagle?"
  13. blackhills

    80's-90's MEMORIES

    DON BEEBE! i'm sure this has been posted