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  1. Is the word reckon an Australian thing? ie: "What do you reckon about taking the punt on #3 on the nose in the next race?"
  2. Gday Cobber. Fuck me swingin. Streuth. Suss cunt.
  3. I don't know. Telling any of my mates to shut the fuck up definately wouldn't land me in a fight with any of them. What's up with you guys?
  4. Call him Konrad. Names with spelling mistakes are the shit.
  5. In my experience sometimes it's better to let girls hit you than restrain them. I restrained this chick at a party and she kneed me in the balls. Painful experience. A little bruise on the face is better than a world full of pain in the crotch area.
  6. Oh and Mauler. Your from W.a and you don't follow west coast?
  7. Can someone find that mighty magpies wholecar from a few years ago?
  8. You guys have done surprisingly well this year. Good to see.
  9. Sounds to me like someone needs to develop some skaterwear Lycra pants.
  10. People that spray paint in a plastic bag and sniff it to get fucked up.
  11. V for Vagina


    Can you share tips on how to get the best whoosh out of your rave pants?
  12. The only graffiti in this building was done by chromers my dude.
  13. Theres plenty of chill spots to paint dude. Ie: the Tracks.
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