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  1. Logging into 12oz because I decided on not downloading apps on this phone. And so the cycle begins
  2. They go to either the very left or very right of my closet.
  3. Dear me, its crazy how me has grown and matured reading comments from 5-10 years ago is completely wild. “Oh I wrote that. Wow”
  4. Dear oontz set, i really miss wasting 6 hours of my day on here and instead spend 6 hours in a echo chamber based off articles I’ve decided to click and read
  5. Was just thinking about this thread and poz the other day. It was always one of the radder ones
  6. Lol I had to do some serious back tracing to remember emails and passwords sc n such
  7. i still hate all of you... what up doe
  8. Baby thighs. If he never crashed his motorcycle where would he be today
  9. White powers forearm tattoos change sides
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