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  1. if there is a earthquake all you have to do is run to the middle of a big parking lot
  2. the login issue has worsened for me in the last 2 weeks
  3. mac dre got killed there one time
  4. yo niggas i will post a bench thread by the end of the week,,,,, niggas
  5. journal entry april 3, 2012 dear salinas streets, aura went over u. do not cry world -brothalynch
  6. i dont think those particular 3 groups have anything to do with school shootings
  7. 4given you a fish stick rapper. You will leave this rap circle. Pay your dues and entrance fee
  8. I'm driving on highway 17 I got a busted spleen Getting head from a dirt bag mexican teen In ben davis jeans Gonna break this jarritos bottle on her... Chke choke choke
  9. its motherfucking 8 0clock niggas call me the chickenhawk cause i always have a glock? hot fiya that was seriously right off the top of my dome took like only thirty minutes i can pretty much rap about any subject. go...
  10. i can out rap all you n*ggas.
  11. so your saying he was the messiah with the 12th tic tac?
  12. brothalhynch why do you constantly bring up other peoples shit like a salinas diary
  13. Wall needs a lot more penis if you ask me
  14. they shoulda never gave that nigga a hat
  15. went to garden block passed go collected $200 didn't see you......blud
  16. geez wake up on the wrong side of bed there sweetie this is what we are going to do to you
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