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  1. GumboFromSydney says: February 13, 2011 at 10:36 pm Fact 1 – Cope 2 is illiterate. Fact 2 – Cope 2 has put up a lot of graff in his day, however, I would be very surprised if he has had anywhere near as much hot pussy or if he can even see his own penis in the shower. COPE, there is more to life than pointing at cheeseburgers and painting the same outline for the last 10-15 years. P.S… You suck, you’re a snitch and a bitch and a ho and your boyfriend MJ is still a dead pedophile. Sincerely, Gumbo.
  2. how did u get all tampons werent you all green before?
  3. yeah you needed girls to come over and trim your whole ounce..... right
  4. if i was rich that would be an investment that i would partake in
  5. its actually been two months... hindue> anyone in tko
  6. adjusting her mic wire that's attached to her thigh
  7. look bros i dont get offended online by people. but someone named bigboi510 said ay bro your a mark? then im all like have i ever talked to you. then hes all like naw but you a mark doe. so uhhh i kinda just wanted to get some advice on how to not be a "mark doe" thanks.... doe
  8. when ever i see a girl in public i check craigslist to see if she was digging me
  9. member when this thread use to go three pages a day. you guys use to have so much material for me to make you laugh. you guys are seriously letting me down lately. you member.
  10. Re: My girlfriend is being a fucking cunt fuck Brooks Laich.
  11. Re: My girlfriend is being a fucking cunt its what they do man. its not a hobby its a way of strife
  12. today in america 4,000 kids were shot due to the fact they were writing og names. rest in piece my dogs. also your second post since 2006 thats good self restraint
  13. not sure what a kax is but it probably tastes good
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