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  1. fucking weird obsession over some basic. but she does have shoe on head http://photos.modelmayhem.com/photos/110309/09/4d77b6bf0da1a.jpg
  2. i get pretty bad anxiety when i dabble in molly. im to fat for window bars though
  3. Re: Database Error i saved all the photos from the beginning pages of the santa cruz thread because oontz crash seems inevitable
  4. and for going over beast beast
  5. got a low self esteem you can rent my ego
  6. my three favorite rap niggas
  7. one afternoon im swimming with sandoval the next i find out he is allegedly rape'n cute white bitches. APTOS - San Francisco Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval is being investigated by the Sheriff's Office in connection with an alleged sexual assault early Friday at an Aptos resort. The 25-year-old third baseman on the disabled list was questioned by deputies but not detained or arrested. Sandoval's attorney, Eric Geffon, said the sexual relations had been consensual. The victim, an adult female, contacted the Sheriff's Office at 4:25 a.m. Friday to report the alleged assault, sheriff's spokeswoman April Skalland said Saturday. No information about the victim was released. According to Skalland, Sandoval and the victim were part of a small group of people hanging out in downtown Santa Cruz on Thursday night. They left downtown to go to Seascape Beach Resort in Aptos, where the alleged incident took place. After the victim's complaint was received Friday morning, deputies met her at an undisclosed location, not the resort, to file a report on the case. Sandoval was contacted Friday at the resort by deputies and agreed to be questioned at the County Governmental Center on Ocean Street. "He was cooperative," Skalland said. "We're in the early stages of the investigation. All cases we investigate we turn over to the DA's Office. At that point, it's their case." Geffon, the attorney, said Sandoval cooperated with deputies "out of respect for the process." "On Friday, June 1, Pablo Sandoval voluntarily met with the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Department related to a consensual, personal relationship of a sexual nature that took place on that day," Geffon said. Skalland noted that the Sheriff's Office normally doesn't discuss sexual assault cases. This was announced because of the high-profile suspect, she said. "We're going to get a lot of calls," she said. Sandoval was leading the Giants in home runs and RBIs when he fractured the hamate bone in his left hand May 1. He had surgery to remove the bone two days later. He's expected to play four or five games in the minor leagues before rejoining the Giants' active roster
  8. how would you like us to respond to this?
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