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  1. liberal pussy store this is al gore. how can i help you?
  2. gevs is in tune with fashion
  3. the secret ingredient to being a toy is not knowing where hype is from? i better warn cope
  4. dragon my dick my nigga dick. nigga. dick.
  5. first and foremost fuck slugs. secondly my girl was getting bottomless mimosas that morning until closing time at that spot
  6. faggot store this is sarah speaking.
  7. a bunch of sticker nerds arguing about cap. true the only thing was that caps throy but he got ups just like all the othere old graff heads and he was one of the old graff heads right when graff was starting and his bomb the same cap one was there first and cuzz hes dosnt have the beast looking bomb lol butter writers wood go over him and so he wood go over them even thow there sick ass pieces wood b 5x butter then his lol but thay wood go over him first lol its all good everyone see thing there way :)
  8. damn bump the shit out of sin he killed that wall with migee and oder. did it up propper and chit
  9. that stae and celf are looking good.
  10. id still run up in it. then high five you and say ronald i did it
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