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  1. they're asleep right now may i take a message?
  2. if i was the bull at that yard id start picking off all those trustifarians
  3. i dont think the news says that.
  4. not from Africa. living in the land of opportunity. even if you fail the government has your back.
  5. on the talking dead dave navvaro was going in one the creator. he actually sounded like us complaining. "knowing the show this girl is gonna be bed ridden the rest of the season"
  6. Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA i cant tell the difference between human doo doo and deer jerky
  7. I was at my local yard the other day and there was a mexican father playing tag between the track with like 3 and 4 year olds. Wild flaggarant
  8. sorry. always fucking hurts to lose someone young thats close to you. huge reality check. adn to leave someone to die is cowardly as fuck.
  9. perhaps off your tits high then. my dad got him self neutered after my 4th brother was born. thats all i have to say on this topic.
  10. all i remember is stepping on a nail that was beyond rusty and my parents bringing me to the bar to wash out my foot. also my parents are hippys so i never got that shot for anti rust.
  11. this certainly is a new topic. curios the direction its gonna go in. no homo maybe.
  12. brothalynch i wanna interview you for like a magazine but i want your answers typed out. u down?
  13. i don't see this thread crossing the line in to racism.
  14. telling a bot he now has some red stripes is like signing to a blind person.
  15. all mexican bitches want paps blud.
  16. tacobell sounds fucking delicious right now. crunchy cheesy gordita that authentic shit gyeah nigga
  17. i enjoy when 120z is loading slow but the bar complex media is working at super speed.
  18. i stand by my previous comment faggot shit. cover it properly or go find an open panel
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