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  1. Good to see a new format taking hold, takes a little getting used to but it's definitely a better mobile version. Seems like things are picking up a bit since last I logged in, I'm optimistic towards future growth.
  2. I don't really visit the site all that much anymore but I'm ready to post whenever. I took pictures of almost everything that passed through me so we should be able to get a decent representation even w/o everyone posting. At this point I'm pretty sure it's just Azteka w/o a book.
  3. Some contributions for the wall of text: Adversarial Swallowed - full length out in October I think, much anticipated Discordia - live recording, one of my favorite NY bands Dweller in the Valley - relatively new Baltimore band, promising https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9MuLdBUOtQ Vilkacis - guy from Ruin Lust, more of the same in that style but still good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eHNCK_t6zY Bethlehem - Dictius... full album, one of the best vocal performances in black metal
  4. Always been a fan of Dragonforce, they're quintessential power metal as far as I'm concerned, but I don't like anything after Inhuman Rampage and even that was going downhill. At least to me, Demoniac was always an obvious over the top joke band, not sure why anyone felt the need to critically analyze their subject matter. I mean she feels the need to call them out for the seig heil on Myths of Metal but ignores the tongue in cheek line right before it: "Hitler Metal want to bang my fucking head And fist the living dead in the middle of the night alright", let alone the lyrics to the rest of the song. Moreover, this is the chorus of Kill All the Faggots: "We will kill all the faggots and queer cunts. We will wipe out the gays and the fags. We will fuck the children up the ass, shit everywhere 'cause Demoniac will rape the old fags." So they're displaying their homophobia by saying they'll rape children and gay people? Really? Isn't it infinitely more likely that they were intentionally making ridiculous songs w/ "edgy" subject matter? Why does she seem so skeptical of their response that it was in jest? Not to mention lyrics of that nature can be found on basically any gore/porno grind recording ever. But no, it's better to "confront" them about their "racist, homophobic past" because ya know, the children might be influenced by their irresponsible spreading of hatred. Also black metal has a nazi problem like it has an anti-christian problem. Far be it from me to suggest we shouldn't be evaluating the moral fortitude of people who paint their faces, cover themselves in blood and scream about hatred. Who cares what views those people hold, if you like the music listen to it, if not, don't, but don't go on the internet and rant and rave about how people shouldn't listen to something because the guy who made it is an idiot.
  5. If your country was "bordered" by a terrorist organization forcing itself into a state to obtain legitimacy while advocating the eradication of semitic peoples and claiming your capital city as their own you might think differently about that statement.
  6. First thing I thought when I logged onto the new site was "welp, never coming back here again."
  7. Sorry for the absence there guys, both books shipped out, I'll send tracking numbers via pm once I get home. Azteka, from what I gather KWG held your book thinking it was Butters' w/ the intention of sending it to Butters. However, he doesn't appear to have actually sent anything to Butters so I would think it's still in his possession. Pretty sure Aero has a contact for him so maybe he can get in touch w/ him for you. I sent you a PM w/ the info I have.
  8. Pulz's book was sent last week, Butters' will be in the mail by Thursday at the latest, hopefully sooner. Still haven't heard from GOGP w/ an address.
  9. Got caught up at work and haven't made it to the post office yet, shipping yours (pulz) off tomorrow afternoon though. Probably gonna need until Saturday to finish up Butters' book, but I have his address now. GOGP's is done but I haven't heard back from him w/ an address yet.
  10. Haven't posted in here in a while, been to a Beligain Beerfest and several other beer activities since then. Some highlights: Panil Divina- who knew the Italians were capable of making delicious sours? I've been a fan of the Barriquee for a while but Divine might be taking its place: light blonde colored classic saison tartness but w/ more body than your average saison Perennial La Bohme - apparently out of Michigan, these guys can make a hell of a sour, first time trying them and on draft no less. Sour cherries and various sour yeasts, full bodied yet light w/ a good tartness and sour cherry flavor Millstone - local favorites, these guys have been blowin' up the craft cider game around here, truly fantastic meads & ciders. My favorites are Thislte (sour brett apple cyser), Funky Plum (tart plum mead), & Bonfire (apple cider w/ fish pepper chilies). Hope they get more recognition because they're definitely on the right path. Check them out here: http://www.millstonecellars.com/our-products/
  11. Addresses guys, sent you two PMs as well. Trying to get these all shipped on Monday.
  12. So here's a copy of their complaint (https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/1175039-complaint.html. After reading the article I was confused what attorney or firm would put their name on this nonsense, low and behold the answer is none: "Plaintiffs currently represent themselves pro se because of the overwhelming costs related to paying an attorney to represent them in this complex civil rights matter." Apparently they had the help of a former civil rights attorney but I'd bet he won't be standing up to be named based on how legally erroneous some of their claims are.
  13. Agreed. Saying this is misogynistic extremism, as I've seen some uber-feminist types attempt to claim, is patently ridiculous. This isn't what happens when someone hates women oh so much, it's what happens when someone is crazy. Since when did we start pretending we care why crazy people do things? CNN had an article the other day (http://www.cnn.com/2014/05/27/justice/california-elliot-rodger-wealth/index.html) talking about the idiot's obsession w/ his families wealth/status or lack thereof. So apparently, not only did he have a problem w/ women, but he wasn't well off enough for his own tastes either. But seriously, who gives a fuck? People like this do this kind of shit for attention, and oh look he got a whole lot of it. We shouldn't be talking about gun control or mental illness or getting up on a soap box for own personal plight, we should be asking this kid's parents where they were? I'm sorry but this level of crazy doesn't fly under the radar if you're a good parent. I've come to find that modern feminists take a very pretentious stance when arguing w/ those they perceive to be non-feminists. One of the first things they attempt to do is show how difficult it is to understand feminism, both intellectually and existentially. They then tell you that they can't even begin to explain it because you don't understand various lower tenets that supposedly form the basis of the more complex intellectually-rich doctrine. The problem w/ all of that of course is feminism isn't deeply intellectual nor is it difficult to understand existentially, but you see it has to be, because if it were easy then everyone would be capable of getting it. If everyone were capable of simply understanding feminism then their narrative falls apart because that very same narrative posits that the vast minority of people understand, or are even capable of understanding, their plight. The harsh reality is that people do understand and either disagree or don't care, but the very fabric of their narrative doesn't allow for this reality.
  14. Didn't get to finish Butters and GOGP last weekend, both will be finished this weekend though. Shipping everything out either Saturday or Monday so if I don't have your address drop me a pm (pretty sure I don't have Butters or GOGP).
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