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  1. this is getting ridiculous. this is a blackbook thread...not a thread about getting up, or burning people. (they have a battle thread if you want to decide who can burn harder on paper, just in case nobody knew yet) take your personal beefs to the pm's and don't spoil this thread with all that bullshit. not trying to be a dick or act hard, but geez...the word ridiculous stands. you're all embarrassing yourselves behaving like that.
  2. it still probably wouldn't make him look any less gay
  3. girl i'll take you to the candy shop..
  4. he's making a good point...don't be a douche.
  5. good advice on the beverages, too. i like a couple frosty beers while i'm creating fa sho.
  6. don't talk shit about devo
  7. word up! i've been past that area once, and i've definitely heard of the weyerhauser garden. should be an awesome trip. i've been working on my soil mix theory for the coming spring and i've repotted a few indoor small pieces i've been working on...flicks coming soon.
  8. no problem, man..i just joined the local bonsai club this month, so i'll probably be getting my knowledge on a lot this year. i'd probably try to let it ride out the winter if possible at this point, just because when you repot it's going to stress the tree and with the harsh conditions just won't be good if it's already stressed like that. are you familiar with mycorrhizae? that's my other concern. most times when you repot a conifer or evergreen you want to take the old soil and mix it with some water and then pour the liquid over the top of your repotted tree to make sure that the beneficia
  9. there are a lot of them out there. i just got craig coussins' bonsai school and bonsai master class in the mail a few weeks ago. good info in both, but bonsai school would get you going and is reasonably in depth as a starter voulme. got a used one on amazon for less that $15. go here in the meantime. lots of good info to be had there. i really don't know enough to tell you whether the manure is good or not for that kind of cedar, but they definitely prefer to grow in a well draining soil mix that doesn't keep them too wet. usually it's mostly coarse sand, with some inorganic and organic
  10. i've heard reports from people about junipers that wound up looking dead and then after years of looking that way popped some new growth. i'd treat it right and put it someplace appropriate and just wait, but that's me. diggin' those ficus! i've got a little cutting i'm working on, but it's a little twig yet...one day.
  11. awesome potential in those pieces. do it!
  12. statistics show that overwatering is the most common killer of bonsai or young trees. try it again and hope for better results. i've killed a good dozen or two in the last year trying to learn what the hell i'm doing. just now starting to feel like i know a little bit. it gets better..
  13. had to be sure it would post...scored about a dozen nice junipers this past fall/winter from a local nursery. nice dudes, and after i hung out and talked for about an hour they only charged me $1 apiece. i like this thread. let's bring it back..
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