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  1. wow this shit is still on. shit my life has changed a lot since i've been here last. this beautiful girl done broke my heart. soon i was cooking up when i wake up, before i can go to sleep, and every couple hours in between. that shit makes you feel better then you could ever imagine and worse than you could ever imagine. half the time after getting high i'd smoke a bowl too that makes it even better haha. i spent some horrible lonely hours in my shitty little apartment wrapped in coats and blankets, freezing cold and sweating buckets, deathly sick, waiting for the morning to come so i could meet my man. fast forward a few months, my savings is gone, i'm too sick to work my job anymore. i re upped my stash, quit my job, cleaned out my apartment, and went to see some cities i've never seen. shit was mad fun until i used up the last of my shit. now days i'm homeless and my computer time is up.
  2. TOP menthol is the shit i quit smoking before i tried Kite i can get 'ports for like 3 something a pack. but they are the cigarettes that made me quit menthols, fucked up my throat
  3. Re: i got a jaywalking ticket yesterday. haha did you try to run
  4. when no matter what you do, you can call it self defense and hide behind state immunity and know you'll never held accountable for anything, and then people call that bravery and service when it's the extreme opposite
  5. snakes stink, so i don't know how soaking them in vodka is gonna make it taste good. you're dealing with snake shit and so on
  6. sometimes there's such a thing as too subtle, when you combine that with the reality of all the weird shit people do, things can go un-noticed. (c'mon girls, don't be so subtle)
  7. haha @ the shortys sticker they used to have these shits in the laundromat i used to go to back in the day, they were stale though
  8. it's like, 1 dollar per percent man... i've been doing limes with beer lately, i like it
  9. haha, i was on that shit in '98 yo
  10. when were they using that gray buff? i think there's a handy running by that storage spot someone mentioned, i need to flick that
  11. haha, let's see you do hard drugs for 4 days
  12. that shit happens on Buffy too
  13. AIC-Dirt/ Jar Of Flies Discharge-Demo 1977
  14. seattle I've actually never been to either but i imagine dan diego to be as moe lester described it
  15. i did mine online and got my fund$ quick
  16. inkheads posted flicks that were for sure from that other place not philly
  17. people have lived in london for so long, i must see it some day. but i hear it's expensive.
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