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  1. I've been messing around with Raspberry Pi's for the past year or so. The last project I did was streaming my record player onto my home wifi network so it could be picked up by any device on the wifi network. I'll do a little write up on it and post it soon.
  2. Your entire post history in this thread says otherwise.
  3. haven't listened to these guys since high school. Heard one of their songs on some old skate video at my barber shop. I have probaly listened the album this song was on a hundred time over the last summer.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/embed/oQS64IVH4fU
  5. Finally got a quiet desk job where I can slack of on the computer again. Joined on here sometime back in 2000 with with an old email address that I think is dead. I think it was the old evil email service that let you get some funny domain names. mine was something to the effect of grim@helpmejebus.com. Registered with my current name way back in 2001 (holy shit I'm getting old) At that time I used to live in a small town out in rural SW VA so I only met one other member IRL waaaay back on '02 or '03. Spent a lot of time on here mostly lurking and checking out the TN & Va brick layers threads. Spent a lot of time in those days being a broke drunk and going to punk rock shows around the TN/VA/NC area. Last time I put anything on a wall or train was probably in 06. Ended up joining the military in 08, got married and got out and worked as a broadcast engineer in Norfolk. Now I got a laid back government job, and got a baby on the way in a couple of weeks. Decided to check back in recently because I haven't checked in on the homo dungeon in quite awhile. Lat year I took my wife for a tour of my old stomping grounds in what I was calling the "Ville" tour. Asheville, Nashville, Knoxville & Bristol(ville) which we ended with the Rhythm & Roots music festival. Which as awesome since Deer Tick, Colter Wall & Dwight Yoakam played that year What was also awesome was that I was able to find some of my old tags in Nashville and Knoxville that have made it well over a decade. Saw that the TM guys were still up in a few places. Also a few of my old pieces are still around in Bristol, though they, and I are starting to show our age. Thinking back on over the years it is pretty wild to think about how 12oz shaped my life in some aspects. There was a ton of good music I got turned onto from the old 12oz soulseek chatroom. A bunch of artist that I discovered in the Art thread which led to a few prints ending up on my walls. I saw the photo of someone who was crazy enough to get a "pee in the butt" tattoo. Got a few 'zines books and I know what a favella is.
  6. haha! I remember my first time seeing it to.
  7. grim540

    The Babble

    This was the last a recurring series with the main character Willie Gillis going through WW2 with him ending up at college on the GI Bill.... Awesome...
  8. grim540

    The Babble

    Mississippi burning
  9. TAL was great I haven't listened to it in over a year. I think it was a string of boring depressing episodes or something that turned me off. On another note Radiolab has some of the best shows I have ever listened to. I hate that it takes them two weeks for each episode.
  10. grim540

    Crossfire humoUr

    The nerdist is awesome!
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