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  1. Norfolk Southern is playing the long game with us. Slow and steady wins the race. And yes that is a water treatment plant next to the largest coal processing terminal in the US. Wa
  2. The one on the left (Pirates Lantern Baja Pepper Sauce)is the absolute best thing you can put on any type of hot or chili dog. The one on the right (Bravado Black Garlic Carolina Reaper Sauce) is great for wings. But I currently use a bit of it and my backyard garden peppers to give my spicy boiled peanuts that little extra kick.
  3. link shorteners and redirects have been hit or miss for me for the last two months. Mentions as well and I get very few of those. I'm pretty sure I did not send 2400 tweets in the last 24 hours.
  4. I was today years old when I learned that Physical(You're So) was a Adam & the Ants song.
  5. co-signing I'm now paying the price for being an 80's Florida kid. A few years ago a skin check caught melanoma before it had spread. Left side of my chest looks like I survived a knife fight.
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  7. guess who's going through old hard drives.
  8. Dropped Spotify for Tidal for many reasons. So I no longer get the fancy slideshow anymore. But at least Tidal shits out monthly and yearly playlists. Sorry is my new favorite band. I've got a weakness for really good indie alternative/pop stuff. Reminds me of Blonde Redhead but less noisy or Portishead but with more bop. I've listened to Kendrick's older stuff and been like "yeah, that's good shit" and that was the end of it. I guess timing is everything, he was working some shit out on that record and I was too so I had it on repeat for a month. Titus Andronicus alternates between putting out balls out rock albums and crazy ass concept/rock opera stuff. An Obelisk is a great example of the former. Archers of Loaf is one of the OG Chapel Hill indie bands from Merge records that blew up college radio stations back in the 90's. They just put out a new album after only playing a hand full of shows for in a 20 year span and it slaps. There a more good stuff in the playlist so I'll drop a link to it at the bottom of the post. https://tidal.com/browse/mix/009c733c047b08a4ce16fd9753a91c
  9. @fat ralphythanks dude. I built the very first iteration of it before Sonos was a thing. Those assholes probably owe me some money. Sonos are great. I bought some sonos speakers for my wife's business.
  10. who could've possibly seen this coming?
  11. So this covers vinyl and nerd shit so some folks may find it interesting. I'm a big believer in coming up with overly complex and unnecessary solutions to non existent problems to learn something new. My current 'problem' at the time was that the turntable is in the opposite side of the house of where we spent the most time hanging out. I had a couple raspberry pi's laying around the house so what I came up with is a way to have anything that was connected to the home wifi would be able to able to stream whatever is currently playing on the turntable. I had a spare touch screen monitor so I took a shot at building a dedicated media player thing in the garage that could play music or videos. (after 3 years I should probably finish it) Then the pandemic hit and we got sent home for a month so I decided to put the thing on the internet and did pandemic radio for a few months for friends and coworkers.
  12. I don't think so? I guess it's what you're into. I wouldn't be to thrilled to get a Dead album in the mail but that's just me. I think they all special or limited edition pressings as well. This was also back in 2014. I only did it for 3 months. They publish the record of the month that they're shipping out to everyone. First was Hum - You'd Prefer an Astronaut which was the only reason I signed up. Second was War On Drugs - Lost in the Dream Third was an album from a group called Sisyphus or something spelling like that. Never heard of them. I traded that one at a record swap.
  13. To keep. You pay a monthly subscription fee. I did it around 8 years ago because that was only was the only way to get a Hum's second album on vinyl at the time.
  14. Vinyl Me Please. You get a record in the mail every month.
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