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  1. I even took dude out of my 12oz fantasy league draft picks :haha:
  2. I wonder if smoking has anything to do with early 360 death. I hardly used any of the systems, but I chainsmoke, as do most of my friends. You need to be playing in one of these to get a year + out of it I reckon.
  3. http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&VideoID=24021627 CHECK OUT THIS FUCKING BEETLE!
  4. Haha yea I forgot about that shit. Then I got RROD #3 :(
  5. Hell yea. Assuming they fix the cheating, glitching, and host advantage that cursed the 1st one Gears2 could be multiplayer gold.
  6. I'm guilty of this, popped three tires and busted one wheel over a curb. Best 600 dollars I've ever thrown away:rolleyes:
  7. I'm eating a dunkin donuts breakfast sammich, and I still scrolled down. Idiot, idiot, idiot.
  8. Haha, yea I saw page two and had to see how this was possible.
  9. I'm still waiting to pick up brawl when I have time to play it... Is it ok 1player?
  10. Thanks for clearing that up, I was confused :lol:
  11. I was 5 points shy of a 1700 arena ranking. Then lost a bunch haha. We should organize if anyone wants to game together a server to start a new character. Thought it would hurt to be mad broke again...
  12. I look like a retarded highschool kid who just discovered coke? HAHAHAHA! Get your own insults kid, I'm not sure DAO is the best person to get your material from... I haven't done coke ages, and you have some nerve talking about drug use.
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