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so when i said i was an accountant, yall thought i was bullshit'n right?

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seeks dont lie. infact, i get promotions after only three weeks wiith the company. holler. today they gave me an office. shits hillarious. i sit there with my books, going over numbers, deciding who get's literally 100,000 bonuses and shit. well, i dont decide, but i impliment them. if you were a broker for my company, i could add thousands of dollars to your monthly income, just 'on the love' as they say.

but you're not, so i wont.

this coming week i'll begin 'operation congo' where i try and order as many plants as i possibly can, to fill up every piece of unused space in the office.

i'll keep you posted.


ps, i won 50 bucks at the casino playing roulette tonight.

always bet on black.

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so do you have a door? if i was in my own office id lock the door all day so no one could bother me, i can only work when no ones bugging me. although id probably end up loading counter strike on the computer and play that for hours.


how can you stand having stacks of paper like that, just towering around you. that shit would depress me to no end. how long does it take for you to get through a stack like that?

are you ever gonna stick with one job for life?

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who really does. i dont understand why someone would feel that they need to make a thread about how they said they were an accountant and people thought he was lying. just to prove that he's an accountant i mean who really cares? what a waste.


Seeking, i ask you. Do you feel so worthless in your life that you have to seek reassurance or get props from a bunch of dudes on the internet.

If so, i feel sorry for you.


peace, Magatsutaito

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Originally posted by Europe


Starting several threads on blowjobs like you did is alot better, right?


Seek you rock in that box... Get that paper.


Well lets see now. I was asking a question to see if people liked blowjobs more than sex not trying to get reassurance from a bunch of guys on the internet that im cool coz i have a career as an accountant. so yeah, i guess if you really think about it. it is a lot better especially since im not trying to prove anything

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Originally posted by MagatsuTaito

...trying to get reassurance from a bunch of guys on the internet that im cool coz i have a career as an accountant.


it's clear you have no fucking clue what you're talking about, and are simply trying to 'clown' me to make some sort of public spectacle. did you really think people were gonna be like 'yeah, right on man!" and applaud your 'historic' standoff with 'seeking'? please child, you're spitting at isabel. folks on here know me, know of my comical job history, and thus know why me being an 'accountant' is worth posting about. not 'coz' i'm trying to be 'cool', but 'coz' my only understanding of the 'accounting arts' comes via herbert kornfeld and dilbert cartoons. perhaps if i had spent more time reading 'blade of the immortal' i could be a fucking anime ninja or whatever the hell it is you fancy yourself as being. unfortunatly though, it simply wasn't my calling.

boo hoo.


thanks for your time and effort though. i hope it provided you with an outlet for the aimless anger you seem to have pent up inside you. i also hope this overanalytical response will allow you plenty of fodder to throw back at me, talking about how i'm taking it too seriously, and have 10 million posts and blah blah blah... you know, how i'm proving you right simply by responding, you know, that whole rigamarole...



seeks/"...here, tell these people something they dont already know me"

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