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  1. monster truck rally in raliegh nc tonight. never been to one, im gonna act all red neck. wear flannel, etc. :huh2:
  2. wheres this shit at damn it, i need a zipcode or a city
  3. i get to jump out of planes for free. thats probably my favorite
  4. Loved it, i felt like a little kid again. the mom has jlo booty :wink2:
  5. im scared if i go to the dentist here (82nd), there just gonna start rippen teeth out, my battle was talken about his horrible experience when he got his wisdom tooth pulled out this week. :shook:
  6. hey, so do you wear your mop suit all the time?
  7. im still in my mos training, when im done with this im off to ft.benning for airborne training. hooah!, they will probably let me stay in the states like a month at most before they send me over to the sandlot. see ya there.
  8. ima pick up muay thai, my battle buddy does it, hes teachin me some stuff.
  9. caL


    http://www.army-surplus.com/ss_store/media/blackboots.jpg'> woooo
  10. no pt on the weekend, goin to the px, i still cant get off the fucking base :o
  11. caL


    tonight- hangen out with an old friend, free beer. racing crappy cars, and sayen goodbye to them. saturday- cous's baby shower, whole family is gonna be there, so ill hit two birds with one stone and say goodbye to them. sunday- goin to another friends place and messing his house up fast forward----------> tuesday@4 am, i ship out
  12. moore getting his head rammed into the ice bye bertuzzi sure looked like it stung.
  13. man i think it would be so horrible to have that. i think i would sew my mouth shut
  14. 311 shirt (today's 311 day.) torn and faded levi's black sandals olive plaid boxers no socks messy hair 5 bucks in the wallet some marker on my pinky old spice red zone "aqua reef" deoderant no cologne cause the deoderant smells so excellent
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