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  1. <!--QuoteBegin-swif1@Jan 18 2005, 11:37 PM TEH 0H N0ES !!1! #94 Quoted post
  2. There's a thread on something like this a while back about that funnel thing. The tutorial was made in Flash.
  3. Thanks for the heads up! I'll probably donate this weekend. Paycheck is funna get direct-deposited tonight
  4. I've always been around if you catch my drift. And yes, I remember you.
  5. I have like...16 invites. As Key said, "The hype is gone."
  6. Damn. The 10th is too close by. I have school!
  7. Let me know if you're going to be in the central region of Florida.
  8. I'm supposed to clean my Honda Accord so I can sell it. The farthest I've gone is putting receipts and candy wrappers into a bag. The bag is still in the car. Argh.
  9. :lol: If anyone owns a Gamecube, Check out Alien Hominid(!!!) <!--QuoteBegin-Weapon X@Jan 6 2005, 10:04 AM He is really good, but since the graphics are so good in the game, I can't stand to look at his annoying face. :mad: Quoted post That's what I found amusing-you hate him. earo35: Gamecube does not suck. If you want something made by Nintendo that sucks, Virtual Boy is all you need.
  10. I just realised 416 is Toronto. No, thanks. Where my boy Dr. DazzyDaz at.
  11. Should I dial that number? I gotsz free nights starting at 7.
  12. Weapon X: I, personally, thought Killzone was an OK game. What sold me was the sound the enemy makes when they get knifed from behind. Gran Turismo 4's shipping date is February 1. I reserved it. I wish I had an High Definition TV.
  13. :lol: Rainbow Six 3 is fun. I have it for XBOX. Remember to look away when you flashbang.
  14. I still have your magazine somewhere in my room.
  15. There are people who either lead you or follow you. They do their own thing though.
  16. Happy New Years! The New Years Video Game Thread Update Games on the Lookout: Mercenaries for PS2 ++++++++++++++++ http://www.gamespot.com/ps2/action/tenchuk...ew_6110613.html Tenchu: Fatal Shadows for PS2. This is set inbetween the first and second installment of the series. ++++++++++++++++ Games to Check Out Alien Hominid for Gamecube and PS2 Call of Duty: Finest Hour for PS2, Gamecube, XBOX, (and PC, I think?) +++++++++++++++ Well, that's it for now. Enjoy!
  17. Whoo, nigga. This is an FPS game noone should avoid. Intense. Dr. Dazzle knows the deal. I played the "backup" copy of it on an XBOX last night. There were so many explosions and gunfire happening at once-it reminded me of Killzone for PS2. Now I need to finish up Prince of Persia to begin Prince of Persia 2.
  18. http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/index.php...1&st=&p=entry
  19. If you want to see more footage of similarities in dancing and martial arts, check out the video Detours.
  20. Yeah, who has the link to the badger flash? What about the flash with the bunnies in Japanese from like...three years ago? God, I miss them
  21. Just out of curiousity, is this the same Cypher from Rhode Island?
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