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  1. <!--QuoteBegin-swif1@Jan 18 2005, 11:37 PM TEH 0H N0ES !!1! #94 Quoted post
  2. There's a thread on something like this a while back about that funnel thing. The tutorial was made in Flash.
  3. Thanks for the heads up! I'll probably donate this weekend. Paycheck is funna get direct-deposited tonight
  4. I've always been around if you catch my drift. And yes, I remember you.
  5. I have like...16 invites. As Key said, "The hype is gone."
  6. Damn. The 10th is too close by. I have school!
  7. Let me know if you're going to be in the central region of Florida.
  8. I'm supposed to clean my Honda Accord so I can sell it. The farthest I've gone is putting receipts and candy wrappers into a bag. The bag is still in the car. Argh.
  9. :lol: If anyone owns a Gamecube, Check out Alien Hominid(!!!) <!--QuoteBegin-Weapon X@Jan 6 2005, 10:04 AM He is really good, but since the graphics are so good in the game, I can't stand to look at his annoying face. :mad: Quoted post That's what I found amusing-you hate him. earo35: Gamecube does not suck. If you want something made by Nintendo that sucks, Virtual Boy is all you need.
  10. I just realised 416 is Toronto. No, thanks. Where my boy Dr. DazzyDaz at.
  11. Should I dial that number? I gotsz free nights starting at 7.
  12. Weapon X: I, personally, thought Killzone was an OK game. What sold me was the sound the enemy makes when they get knifed from behind. Gran Turismo 4's shipping date is February 1. I reserved it. I wish I had an High Definition TV.
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