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  1. i dont want to download a bunch of software. i want to just donwload the songs. i dont care about paying a bit of money. im on a public computer. so downloading programs is difficult.
  2. i would invest in an electric razor as well. i have plenty of problems cutting myself with regular ones. you'll save money too vs buying a fucking $20 real razor with replacable blades. fuck that. it sucks to bleed from shaving for hours at work. ive done it...
  3. i dont have a computer with internet at my house but want to get a bunch of songs to burn onto cd and put on my cheap little mp3 player. what site is the best for getting a membership and donwloading songs? i figured thats the best way to get songs since i only use the university computer lab.
  4. also, i could easily trade living in a van with living in a stationn wagon car. i just need something very reliable and inexpensive (dont we all?).
  5. i am 22 years old. thanks everyone for all of their comments and input so far. i really appreciate it. this is why i love 12oz! things i hope to accomplish on the trip: freedom macking sluts (maybe?) lots of skating (especially parks/concrete parks) shooting pictures super8mm filming everything relaxation meeting new people documentation etc etc etc i really dont know what i want to do with my life. i am not feeling college right now. i love where i live, but it would be good to visit old friends, make new ones, and try to make conta
  6. yeah, bathing is certainly a concern, but i am sure i could use somebodys shower or if it came down to it - the YMCA. i know living in a van is pretty (very) sleazy, but i would only do it for the summer (or til i decided to settle in and get $ for a a place). girls would totally be bummed if they found out (no pun intended). but.. i'm not a slut magnet so im not worried. maybe theyd feel sorry for me. i just want to do a ton of skating and experience a lot of things without being so tied down. it'd only be temporary for sure.
  7. i saw that coming from a mile away!
  8. my lease runs out in july and i am considering going on the road for the summer visiting friends and doing an intership out in LA for a small company a girl i know owns. getting out of the midwest... skating tons of parks... shooting photos and seeing friends. sounds like a good summer to me. rather than worrying about paying lots of money to rent a place or sleep in a motel, i am thinking of possibly getting a work van and living out of there for the summer. i could crash there when i was not staying with friends and wouldnt have to worry about burdening anyone. plus i dont want the com
  9. if youre bored or whatever... ? i dont know?? let me know if you wanna trade links. LINK
  10. Mr. Mang


    thanksgiving day, bored to death.
  11. Mr. Mang


    recent shit. blah. eee nigga what?!?!?!
  12. i was talking to a girl tonight at dinner and she said that au-pair/babysitting jobs in europe are pretty dope. she knows some people that did it. says something about them paying for you to get over there and stuff? rich europeans... halla back if you got any info. i'd like to watch some kids over in europe and get straight PAID (kinda). i just wanna travel. i dont want to grow up... give me info/stories.
  13. i am currently at my dads house trying to get onto hotmail.com. he has a shitty wireless connection that i cannot get around online easily with. for some reason i cannot login to hotmail.com on this computer or the laptop he has on wireless. i can type in my password for hotmail, but when i try to login it always times out. i know hotmail works on other computers just fine. so why isnt it working on this computer? i know it isnt blocked to my knowledge. i even downloaded firefox and it still wont let me get into my inbox. what could it be?!?!?!?
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