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  1. haunts

    sacred vows

    i have no idea. as far as i can tell it has nothing to do with d&d, after looking at the site though it is some sort of roleplay.
  2. he had a story on national public radio or npr the other day too. dude has a thick ass accent.
  3. Sacred Vows Date: Thursday, November 14 @ 17:10:34 Topic Invocations of Faith Serving the will of God is the role of the priest. Upholding His tenets, converting the masses, and smiting those who oppose Him are common duties. To facilitate their role and reward devotion, He blesses His priests with the power to perform miracles. Yet, some priests are more zealous in their belief than others. Their entire life revolves around their Faith and they take their role as the Voice of God very, very seriously. To prove their utter, sincere devotion to their Lord, they make a Sacred Vow. This Divine Pact requires some great sacrifice on behalf of the priest, but in return they are blessed with great rewards. Sacred Vows may involve a long, ritualized process or may be uttered swiflty in times of immense need (like right before a Biochemistry final exam!). The time required to make a Vow is dependent on the situation and the severity of the sacrifice. GMs are encouraged to be creative in determing the details of taking a Vow. Once the Vow is made, the benefits gained are considered permanent as long as the priest is faithful to his Lord's will. Sacred Vows are generally considered to be a life-long commitment from the priest. They are to be taken with the utmost seriousness. Failure to uphold the Vow usually will result in severe punishment from above. All blessings will be lost immediately, and usually there is a further price to be paid. If the priest suddenly loses his blessings and finds himself cursed for eternity, consider the Vow broken. My Best Advice - Don't piss off GOD! Sacred Vows, for the most part, can only be uttered once in a priest's lifetime. Once a priest fails to uphold his Vow, he may not make the same one again, even if it is repeatable. Only one Vow can be made at a time, except where specifically stated. Exactly which Sacred Vow a priest can make is dependent upon his religious beliefs. Vows must reflect the tenets of his deity. A priest worshipping the God of Life will certainly be allowed to make the Vow of Pacifism, but the Vow of Blood would be right out! Players should be creative in coming up with their own Vows. SAMPLE SACRED VOWS: The Vow of Chastity In exhange for the Vow of Chastity, the priest gains +1 to Will Stat. A chaste priest must avoid any sexual thoughts or acts. If the priest should waiver, he will end up losing his blessings, plus a further point of Will, permanently. (Although chastity may be an easy vow to play, a GM could have a lot of fun creating VERY tempting situations. "A spanking! A spanking!") The Vow of Darkness In exchange for plucking out his eyeballs and promising a life of servitude, his God grants him the Second Sight Trait and +1 Perception. However, should the priest fail his God in some way, he will lose the blessing and be permanently blinded. The Vow of Silence In exchange for the the Vow of Silence, the priest is rewarded with open-ended Meditation Tests. He amy also develop the Dreamer Trait temporarily during this time. This is one of the rare vows that do not require a life-long commitment, but rather last for six months at a time. Speaking while maintaing the Vow will result in the priest being made mute for 6 months immediately following his first word. While a mute, he cannot enjoy the benefits of the Vow of Silence. This Vow can be repeated only if previously successful. This Vow can be taken even if the priest currently enjoys the benefits of a different one. The Vow of the Vegan In exchange for Vowing never to eat meat or dairy, the priest gains +1 to his Health Attribute as well as the Healthy Trait. If he should waiver however, he will be stricken with severe abdominal pains and flatulence, resulting in a +2 modifier to his DN for all tests during the next two weeks immediately following the ingestion of the offending matter. However, being a devotee of such a hippie God, the benefits of the Vow are retained and the priest is forgiven, thus keeping the Vow intact. Vow of Poverty In exchange for the Vow of Poverty, the priest gains +1 die to all Suasion and Oratory tests -- for poverty instills humility, a virtue all respect. If the priest should show signs of greed or avarice, however, he will find himself cursed by his own God. The Vow is broken, heloses his blessings, and receives the Suspicious and Greedy Traits and those around him will treat him as so. Vow of the Hand In exchange for the Vowing servitude and the sacrifice of the priest's left hand, he will be rewarded with several blessings. All Melee Weapon/Unarmed skills, Meditation, and Stealth tests will receive +1 die. If he should ever offend his God in some way, however, he will lose all the above benefits, as well as his Faith Attribute. (Think Shaolin monks.) Vow of the Pacifist In exchange for the Vow of Pacifism, the priest will be blessed with +1 dice to the following skills; Persuasion, Suasion, Oratory, Haggling, and Doctrine. However, should the priest raise his hand in anger or knowingly cause injury to others, he will be cursed by his own God. He will lose his blessings and receive the Bloodthirsty Trait and will lose his Faith Attribute permanently. The Vow of Blood In exchange for the vowing eternal devotion and offering monthly animal/human sacrifices, the priest gains the favor of his Lord. The priest is blessed with +1 die to one chosen weapon skill. He also gains a +1die benefit to Intimidation tests. Should the priest fail to uphold the tenets of his faith, however, he shall be cursed by his God. He will lose his blessings, plus -1 to his Power, permanently. He shall also receive the Cowardly Trait. The Vow of Wrath In exchange for vowing his unending devotion and eternal fight against the enemies of his Patron, the priest is made into a great warrior. He gains +1 Power, +1 die to a chosen Weapon skill, and +1 dice to any Faith tests involving the following prayers: Intercession, Hindrance, and Smite. This Vow demands the priest be eternally vigilant against the foes of his God. Enemies of the Faith cannot be allowed to exist and must be destroyed! Failure to immediately exterminate these enemies at every possible opportunity will result in the loss of all blessings as well as losing 1 point of Power and Forte. The Vow of the Healer In exchange for Vowing never to wear armor, the priest is blessed with Open-Ended tests using the following skills: Field Dressing, Herbalism, or Surgery. He also gains the "Bedside Manner" Trait. Should the priest doubt the ability of his Lord to protect him and he dons any kind of armor, he loses his blessings, gains the Sickly Trait, and loses 1 point of Faith, permanently. The Paladin's Vow In exhange for life-long, utter devotion, this sacred knight receives the favor of his God. Armed with the promise of Heaven, the paladin gains the Fearless and Inspiring Traits. Should the paladin ever fail in his duties to defend the worshippers of his Faith, the penalties will be severe. Not only does he lose the his bonus Traits, he also loses his Faith Stat. Furthermore, he gains the Pariah Trait and an ill Reputation. Finding peace in the afterlife becomes impossible, as his damned soul will be cast to the demons upon his death. link: http://www.burningwheel.org/html/print.php?sid=24
  4. my easter shoes are sand, antique white and flatblack with purple highlights and a light blue exterior. .
  5. damn thats an old somber piece, his styles have changed alot over the years. good post.
  6. its funny, since starting this thread i tried a couple eurocaps once or twice but havent been painting with anything but rustofats since. oh well, you cant teach an old dog new tricks i suppose.
  7. yueah, ihop hashbrowns arent that hot either. if were going for a hashbrown contest i think wafflehouse would take it though. they are circular, you can add onions and cheese and stuff. ihops are just nasty and fried in cheap butter, or so it tastes like... on another note, i used to go to school with a bunch of fashion punks that would hangchill at wafflehouse everyday.
  8. ohno. its bodice. everybody hide your girlfriends cause yall know we aint got shit on the ripper.
  9. bricks dont leave fingerprints
  10. sign a lease for my new place :friday apply for a couple jobs mind altering substances fight the almost foot of snow in the process of falling find a place to live until i move into my new place on tuesday go pick up some free paint bench go to newfound place to live :saturday apply for more jobs mind altering substances play in snow while benching on mind altering substances go to a show homework :sunday paint depending on weather
  11. alright. im sorry yall but how the hell do any of you expect somebody to watch that video after the way yall have been talking it up? ive seen alot of peta videos in my day and yes fur is fucked up. i considered watching it and after reading that discussion theres no way in hell im watching that shit now.
  12. vert. frost. tre. river. im wearing donkey ears.
  13. a tech at one of my rehabs had thumbs shaped like tennisrackets. she wore a ring on one of them that had been there for years and she could never take it off again. her name was liz. and i think its obvious why im giving this thread a thumbs up, but just in case it isnt its because this threads about thumbs.
  14. there was an error in your input eggywhites an 18inch hersheys kiss paper? thats just crazy talk.
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