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    sacred vows

    i have no idea. as far as i can tell it has nothing to do with d&d, after looking at the site though it is some sort of roleplay.
  2. he had a story on national public radio or npr the other day too. dude has a thick ass accent.
  3. Sacred Vows Date: Thursday, November 14 @ 17:10:34 Topic Invocations of Faith Serving the will of God is the role of the priest. Upholding His tenets, converting the masses, and smiting those who oppose Him are common duties. To facilitate their role and reward devotion, He blesses His priests with the power to perform miracles. Yet, some priests are more zealous in their belief than others. Their entire life revolves around their Faith and they take their role as the Voice of God very, very seriously. To prove their utter, sincere devotion to their Lord, they make a Sacred Vow.
  4. my easter shoes are sand, antique white and flatblack with purple highlights and a light blue exterior. .
  5. damn thats an old somber piece, his styles have changed alot over the years. good post.
  6. its funny, since starting this thread i tried a couple eurocaps once or twice but havent been painting with anything but rustofats since. oh well, you cant teach an old dog new tricks i suppose.
  7. yueah, ihop hashbrowns arent that hot either. if were going for a hashbrown contest i think wafflehouse would take it though. they are circular, you can add onions and cheese and stuff. ihops are just nasty and fried in cheap butter, or so it tastes like... on another note, i used to go to school with a bunch of fashion punks that would hangchill at wafflehouse everyday.
  8. ohno. its bodice. everybody hide your girlfriends cause yall know we aint got shit on the ripper.
  9. bricks dont leave fingerprints
  10. sign a lease for my new place :friday apply for a couple jobs mind altering substances fight the almost foot of snow in the process of falling find a place to live until i move into my new place on tuesday go pick up some free paint bench go to newfound place to live :saturday apply for more jobs mind altering substances play in snow while benching on mind altering substances go to a show homework :sunday paint depending on weather
  11. alright. im sorry yall but how the hell do any of you expect somebody to watch that video after the way yall have been talking it up? ive seen alot of peta videos in my day and yes fur is fucked up. i considered watching it and after reading that discussion theres no way in hell im watching that shit now.
  12. vert. frost. tre. river. im wearing donkey ears.
  13. a tech at one of my rehabs had thumbs shaped like tennisrackets. she wore a ring on one of them that had been there for years and she could never take it off again. her name was liz. and i think its obvious why im giving this thread a thumbs up, but just in case it isnt its because this threads about thumbs.
  14. there was an error in your input eggywhites an 18inch hersheys kiss paper? thats just crazy talk.
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