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    my life

    me too, and its worse than you think. did you read my thread entitled "fucked in the earhole"? check it......Im sweatin'.....

    my life

    Someone needs a hug.......
  3. Buy thirty feet of Coaxial cable, and hang yourself. "The remainder is printed on the receipt, have a nice day."
  4. Did anyone notice that it says this at the bottom of the quiz? " If your child found this page and it led to an awkward conversation, I apologize." thats funny.
  5. It was about earlobes, until I got distracted by the pussy.
  6. So now that I've slept and sobered up........... Sorry, no pictures. This shit is so crazy. I was at *the other girls house* all night, drinking wine, left her house at like...5am, painted on the way home, just so i'd have paint on my hands to show my crazy girlfriend.......there's no way in hell that I can get this shit to work in my favor. I guess I just have to suck it up and deal. THe real question here is: Do I keep the crazy kinky relationship that i've been in for five years, or let it go, thus saving myself from the many potential hazards that come with dating a crazy BI chick. Or do I sacrafice the hot three, and one time four-way sex with multiple hot chicks...and date the beautiful innocent girl that worships the ground I walk on, but isn't kinky at all????????? And no, we never did move to Viginia. All the hot lesbos live in Vermont anyway....
  7. So. Who has the biggest earlobes on 12oz. I have shit stretched to one inch, and I feel like a giant asshole. I also have a bisexual girlfriend that forces me to have sex with other wicked hot girls that she brings home, but i'm totally in love with this other girl that I work with that is eight years younger than me and shes totally terrrified of my girl, and shes basically a virgin but she told me how bad she wants to be with me and shes a pretty straight jewish girl from nyc whos only been with one dude ever, and shes sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot and I think I love her. fuck. I hate my bisexual girlfriend that makes me have sex with dirty slutty girls. I want the innocent girl all to mself fuuck ima drunkr.
  8. The Shins can go fuck themselves and their whore mothers. MODEST MOUSE on the other hand......Seen them a bunch. Love'm like mad. Isaac Brock can rhyme better than The RZA. No lie. Check the steelo on "Everywhere and his Nasty Parlour Tricks" Track #4 - You're the good things Track #7 - Here It Comes
  9. I'm a panty sniffer. Nothin like pussy sweat to get shit heated. I like to tie my girl's panties around my dick while i'm bang'n her too. She holds that shit like a dog leash.
  10. The Scene in KILL BILL where Uma fights with Vivica Fox is so nice. Uma has on the kinda shabby jeans that make you want to lick her asshole for a few days.
  11. If I was Uma Thurman I would sit home and smell my finger.
  12. Sometimes, I'll spray that shit on my balls, then dim'em into a box of RICE CRISPIES, just because, once in a while it's nice to have RICE CRISPIES stuck all over yer balls. ya know?
  13. Holding back is kinda fun. If you don't beat off for a few days, you can really muster up a mean load. It's always nice to save up a real big HOT ROPEY ONE to bust on some titties. It's super good for your self-esteem. One time, I went for like.....two weeks without J'nO, and when I pulled outta Ol' girl, the shit came out for about a minute. Tell ya what, she gave me a pat on the back for that one, after she soaked a bathtowel cleaning up that is.......... :lol:
  14. Hello, My name is THE DEVIL!, and I've been addicted to xylene for about twelve years now. *support group in harmony*(Hello THE DEVIL!....) My story is pretty much the same as the rest, It all started whe I was an aimless youngster, bored, and warped by early eighties hair band metal. My parents are divorced, I was kicked out of Catholic School for my unconventional opinions concerning the late JC. Public Schooling took it's toll on my already fragile state of mind, and I was easily influanced by girls with hairspray in their bangs, and tight jeans. I guess that is where it really began, my addiction that is. Something about the hairspray. Now I realize that it wasn't their perky prepubecent nipples, their jelly bracelets, or the way they fawned over me because I slightly resembled Donny from THE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK. It was the fucking hairspray! The way the can peeked ever so slightly out of their oversized purse in fourth period study hall, It just made me want to belong, to carry some sort of CAN of my own........... Ok! THE DEVIL! has made some really great breakthoughs this session. Let's all thank him for sharing, *Suppot group in harmony* (Thank you for sharing, THE DEVIL!) Who'd like to go next?
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