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  1. Yo spruce, i was gonna hit you when it was time for a new NYC thread, but i think theres gonna be a lil division of ny themed threads in the works.... Im closing this and it will reopen shortly-ish.
  2. ZONE! NICE PAGE MAN. Not sure where yo are but if you in the sandbox PLAY SAFE keep your head up.
  3. heavyLox

    Kem 5

    cause its not a whole car unless you paint the whole car
  5. i think the other thread will be back, but it needs to be cleaned up a bit. No one needs to be nice, thats not the issue. the Issues are a few though: Right place right time: 12oz is not the right place ot time to air your, your mans, the dude you hate, some dude you heard about over blunts in the clubs, dirty laundry. popping off about someones personal life is wack. There inst ONE dude who walks the streets who'll tell you its a good look to, hang, even enemies, out to dry. Thats not how it should be carried. Granted facing years changes that for some. But some of yall ar
  6. that was wack. If want to see 100 transitons in 3 minuets ill watch mtv... however MTV has no AOK... id rather see a slow (still) slide show...
  7. missing HK right now.
  8. 'hello pot, my nameth is kettle, I too and negroid'
  9. Re: Ouija YL 3A Transcend Another Aerosol Attack 3A-yo! the people choice.
  10. heavyLox

    Kem 5

    whatever tardy. take your bs out of this thread.
  11. heavyLox

    Kem 5

    dog you're fucking retarded. Jive while nice with his, im a fan, did not invent that 'e'. You might spend some time coming up with new letters instead living the past. Your claims are outrageous and idiotic. you still trying to live of some 13 year old shine.. get over it dude.
  12. i dont get it. lets spend more time talking about.. please keep your facts i like speculation and misinformation
  13. heavyLox

    Kem 5

    the gift of gab gets some people ass and others fr8s son. talk bout it!
  14. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=18299087 lil interview with terry gross on Fresh air OMAR YO! OMARS Coming. yeah it could gonna in to the wire thread but it didn't.
  15. or ghana.... Kwame Nkrumah were you the truth or a ruma?
  16. lets be clear. FUCK BRAZIL NIGERIA!!!!!!!!!! for the win
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