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  1. id like the 15 years ago me to meet the me of today...
  2. heavyLox


    the only knife i use is to butter my bread. KEEP the doe flowing heavy.... leathermen are useful these other knives are a waste of doe...unless you camp and do outdoors man shit. i use my SAP gloves when i masturbate.
  3. NFN but zek has really stepped his game up over 2007. BIG IT UP PAPA!
  4. its too bad he stuck playing his 'popular' tunes cause my man has a deep catalog
  5. COMEDY... bates makes good style writing.
  6. heavyLox


    NO0B does no one play battlefield 2 any more? That was the first experience i had with live, it hooked me i got dyslexic and ended up getting COD4. But i want battlefield but not if no one plays it anymore.
  7. some how BOB has gone through this, hes what most people who have never heard reggie b4 have heard of, thus reggie fans look down on you if you say i like BOB; but really its only if the only album you own is legend, where you're some what tool status. BOB made SOOOOO much music that still kills the culture music of today. Its too bad there is a decline in instrumentation in the reggie world now. cause the money nah run for bands or theres a conflict of interest most reggae artists ar solo acts, one dude voice, one dude produce the rhythms, shits less then it could be in terms of the artistry. To make money you have to ALWAYS make next tunes and TOUR, stage shows are where the money is. you cant tougher then BOB. the man get rated number one for iver. However there are some super strong next singers and djs to hold the vibe.
  8. and hesh and daim weren't doing their 3d letters with bits of overlap at the time ether right? to me that was the impetuses of much of it. applying the concepts of light and shade to wild-style letters; based on seeing them 'realistically' painted on 3d pieces.
  9. of course UW wasnt doing that then at all.
  10. yeah it was definitely him latching on....
  11. heavyLox


    but still the game is ON
  12. heavyLox


    (Maybe not the tuff as nails dudes you want protecting your country, in this one)
  13. those pillows... i could sleep on one.
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