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  1. the lone star state has retarded your funny... get that fixed and you to will love you some wanda ||ho nomo
  2. haha. 400ml. is part of the HEV & LOX Design Crib™, brain trust ||...
  3. we have some coat giving peoples in the circle ||
  4. you say that now cause you newly wifed up, but at the time it was slightly less wierd and slightly more awesome, "hev some chic was worried id die of cold so she hooked up a coat for me, only 30 bones no biggie" Hev said you say that now.... you seen how i keep a house aint shit to snoop through its all spread out for god and the world to see... porn is clearly marked by the foideer name XXXPORN-here-XXX... the wack favors are more like when some one suggests (as a favor) to you that you try and get a seat with more leg room on a flight home from hong kong and that ends up with hev sitting next to a lecherous gay old dude and a retarded Chinese dude oh coughed on you enough to give you sars, and had a weird hand bendy gimpy affect
  5. look dick || were not running a negative campaign here. HEV & LOX Design Crib™ are looking for work, were not jerks.
  6. FUCK YES> if i can die in the car on a family road trip im there... you cant bond more then when in a cr with mostly live folks.
  7. AWWW com'on Wanda's my girl. forever.
  8. i guess it depends on the job, but the service industry has def gone to shit cause thats the prevailing attitude. You can bitch about that here... jobs are what you do when not doing what you would do while not at work.
  9. what is the a round table prop off? 70 pages and i this is my first visit... obviously im in ch0 a shit-Ton
  10. yes but that was for the I, when alone its all guitars and screaming white dudes who look like they fitting to burst blood vessels in the foreheads.
  11. Metal and bass= hev and foreign films... Hev dont get it
  12. its back to beat boxing at stop lights or turning up the ipod, i mean ZUNE headphones to 10. Balling!
  13. in a country full of idiots its not wise to dare them to fuck things up worse you know they do it...
  14. unfortunately i bet this thing will never be available in the US and the US auto industry will put the kibosh on any attempt to get it here and it will not pass our safety standards... but titd be cool if those where the only whips allowing in side us city limits...
  15. bucket paint is cheap... so is speculating... but yeah they wipe they asses with benjis
  16. herrow there issue solved.
  17. when i get back from lunch i have a CIA story.
  18. no but you can get four, five inch chromed jammys that add up to 20.
  19. Mams is on the team, we can use all the cache we can get @ the HEV & LOX design crib™
  20. the CIA has an ugly logo/ emblem. if ZUNE wont bite CIA im looking at yall, HEv can keep his mouth shut and ill work for confiscated ganja.
  21. MAMs, packs that shit with amps ||. RICAN POWER>
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