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  1. heavyLox

    Kem 5

    slow down there killer.
  2. oh sorry i didnt know above was in the house.... Zone, thanks for the addition. looks real fresh.
  3. of you liked that you may also like this
  5. Re: i want to see you late 2007 verion see if i can digg it up when i get home. I recently re-found the belt buckle he gave me. *** i should probably qualify that it wasn't American police. None the less he was holdin iron pon di waste ||.
  6. Re: i want to see you late 2007 verion I HAVE A PHOTO OF ME BLAZING WITH POLICE IN UNIFORM. I WIN ALL DAY.
  7. lets the video of before the video please!
  8. Re: i want to see you late 2007 verion didnt he recently pass? RIP Aristotle.
  9. Re: i want to see you late 2007 verion that coffee table is looking kinda crowded might want to move some of the over flow to la basura kid.
  10. Love this. Ribs, good see some one at the show doing more then the bare minimum.
  11. Nice thanks for those contributions. Def good to get some of his work in here.
  12. Looks like they vectorized a low-quality flick, the way the 5mh and tag look.
  13. DOPE. More 2Tones please. Good Times.
  14. heavyLox

    Kem 5

    NEW E. i see you playboy.
  15. ^^^GOOD LOOKING. quickie for the nerve Wonder. Like the meat fist, PNH
  16. IM not mad at it. Good Job. PNH
  17. its a contest dawg. get down, PNH.
  18. how are you gonna t-shirt a gif?
  19. 1st if youre gay its okay, more vaj for hev. now on the the show: entry one.
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