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  1. zen

    The Babble

    point is he dosent understand.
  2. Ive always felt that graffiti belonged on the wall and art belongs on canvas and so while my canvas junk looked graffiti influenced I wouldnt simply depend on letter structure to carry the peice. Even if that means something as simple as better use of space. Bottom line, there are no time limits with canvas. Ya dig?
  3. zen

    The Babble

    Dude, europe? He is from Australia, Perth. I already told you why he does this work, he just dosent see it. He is a art fag turned writer and not the other way around and thats all there is to it.
  4. zen

    The Babble

    Those carpets are awesome.
  5. What a fucking old thread. Just because some thing is underground dosent make it good, and just because something is popular dosent mean it is bad either. Nas is dope.
  6. zen

    The Babble

    The gallery showing you pictured before, the one that looked like twist, that guy is called yok. (www.theyok.com) he is quite popular. He started out in this fucking tiny town that didnt even have wheatposting till 4 years ago. To be honest the way he has marketed himself among the 'right' people is quite impressive. However, he is an art fag turn writer not writer turn art fag. I think that kind of thing is important.
  7. zen

    The Babble

    I love this thread. Go team babble!
  8. Hate to tell you, but burger king, kfc, tacobell and dominos is all one company.
  9. zen

    The Babble

    I dont get it, how are you disagreeing with me?
  10. zen

    The Babble

    There are lots of magazines dedicated to japanese fashion. Some of them dress up like schoolgirls, goths, firemen, religious icons, all sorts. I never understood the culture of dressing up. I think it is a girl related phenomenon, but it is interesting. I like the concept of clothing and why we dress how we do and how that signifies to other people our interestests and feelings, its like waving a really big flag. But every one seems to be oblivious to how important dressing is, as a social communicator.
  11. zen

    The Babble

  12. http://www.interpolny.com/images/totbl_lrg_thumb.jpg'> http://www.sanity.com.au/coverscan/20000/19570.jpg'> http://www.elderly.com/images/recordings/01/COLU08579.jpg'>
  13. zen

    The Babble

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