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  1. braised pork. think pork chops that are fall off the bone tender. or baked salmon. i can make some kickass salmon. actually i can make anything.
  2. Smokey is beautiful. This is my dog who's back in my home city staying with my brother. Samson:
  3. looks like me and you were walking the same trails yesterday, CACash
  4. http://tindeck.com/ Tindeck Audio is a free audio hosting service that allows you to upload your original music and audio and share it with people around the world.
  5. word. i went for almost a month without charging my phone and it was the jump. *there was a 30 minute fireworks display down on the beach today. it was dope.
  6. win 2000pro. oh, does anyone have a working serial fo xp?
  7. yo, i'm getting a 206 memory failed message when i start up my computer. i'll go to the settings screen and save whatever the hell gets changed, then it starts up fine. what the hell is wrong? google is no help. oh, and what about a rapidblaster removal tool? panda, avg, and norton say i don't have a virus, but hijackthis said i have the rapidblaster virus. i tried some rapidblaster removal tool, and that said that everything was fine too. now i just have some weird programs that change my registry upon startup. i know something is wrong.... and this asshole upstairs must weigh 400lbs. heavy walkers drive me nuts. shut the fuck up asshole!
  8. so i heard. i'm at a junction to which is better, Video Days or Animal Chin?
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