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  1. ^^then you've never really drank. cosmos are good.
  2. 1. your friend is hot, but she should learn to handle better or drink slower. 2. i think for probably 90% of my posts here some sort alcohol has been in my system. 3. go team.
  3. shit man, get a motorcycle if you want. just watch out for people with cars. my brother got t-boned going through an intersection, almost lost his foot and is in some serious rehab right now. he can't wait to get back on and go for a ride.
  4. i do. spicy ahi tuna rolls anyone? its not really that hard to do, its more about good ingredients and technique. here's a tip: a bowl of water for your hands will help keep the rice from sticking
  5. who's that other weiner dog looking thing? that better not be my nogra logan
  6. braised pork. think pork chops that are fall off the bone tender. or baked salmon. i can make some kickass salmon. actually i can make anything.
  7. and there's still a few stories i didn't tell you... one involves a midget. and i'm not joking. *and some of suki's employees are damn fine. you should def get hooked up, frate
  8. HAHAHAHA! The whole internet cafe jsut looked at me. God damn that trip was fun. Much love to Suki, JackMeoff and those SJ fools. And to put things into context, those pics were taken after some alcohol poisoning levels of consumption. Everyone knows I am a championship level drinker, I have the trophies to prove it! Oh man those pics are funny....
  9. tecate. who makes tecate? I've been enjoying that a bit lately. I found a bar that has a tecate and a shot of cuervo silver for 5 or 6 bucks. that right there is the recipe for disaster, folks.
  10. Smokey is beautiful. This is my dog who's back in my home city staying with my brother. Samson:
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