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  1. You're such a fucking idiot.
  2. Didn't they say that the UN is scheduled to leave Liberia in 2010? And that the rebel forces could overthrow the military government in a matter of 2-3 hours once the UN wasn't there..? Should be interesting.
  3. It's -42 degrees celcius with the windchill today (-44 F). Just came back from Cambridge Bay, Nunavut a few days ago - was up there for a week with work. Got down to -52*C (-62F) one day. Fucking ridiculous.
  4. I read that construction on this motherfucker had recently started up again.. good looks. That thing is so eerie - sat as an abandonned concrete skeleton for years. What the fuck does N.Korea need a 105-floor hotel for when half the country doesn't have electricty or food...
  5. That family is either a) retarded if they had no idea this was happening, or b) fucking disgraceful if they did know and just chose not to do shit about it.
  6. I'll take freezing my ass off 9 months of the year in Canada over having one of those motherfuckers in my house any day. Fuck.
  7. THREE 8 year sentences?? Fucking ridiculous.
  8. Goddamn, I gotta move to where you're at. You can't even get a condo around here for less than $400k. Forget about building a house unless you've got a cool 500-700k to drop. I'll be renting for the rest of my goddamn life. :(
  9. I personally think that Phuket and Koh Phi Phi are the most touristy places in Southern Thailand, the only difference being that Koh Phi Phi is fucking breathtakingly beautiful (place where "The Beach" was filmed). If you're looking for places in the south, I'd say hit up Koh Tao for some awesome scuba diving, Koh Phangan for the full moon party (yes, i realize the irony here if I call Phuket touristy), and maybe Railay for a good place to just chill, rock climb and generally just veg out. Mind you, I'd rather backpack and stay in a dumpy little bungalow on the beach than lug around a wh
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