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  1. --from this thread-- --from another thread-- <!--QuoteBegin-^ . ^@Apr 13 2005, 04:58 PM lameassnigga. Quoted post
  2. I would imagine it's because they all have penises.
  3. That website is stupid. To think that there aren't people in the southern states that hate rednecks and their views is completely assinine. I'd like to take this as an opportunity to claim that FL is no longer part of the south...
  4. S@T@N


    spelling correctly isn't an expertise, it's just a way to not make yourself look like a moron.
  5. S@T@N


    this place makes my head hurt anymore
  6. S@T@N

    Sin City

    Rourke was amazing. I think Willis did a great job too, but I was always a little distracted from his acting by that huge vein in the forehead. Was it like that in the comic, or could they have done a better job? Shit looked too fake...
  7. S@T@N


    Rest in peace John Paul.
  8. S@T@N

    Sin City

    holy shit. that movie was amazing. 1 penis up.
  9. And you're rich, or your parents are so when everyone keeps there shitty paws off of you you'll be covered right? It isn't a burden to family members to have a false sense of hope? The lie that you might one day wake up regardless of the fact that you're brain is like tapioca pudding and you couldn't possibly ever come back? You're a weird guy for being so passionate about this, it just seems so illogical - not in the I don't have feelings way, but in the lying to yourself kind of way... Quoted post [/b] How do you get the impression I'm rich? I'm actually far from it. And the fact that I'm NOT rich kinda plays into why I have a living will, you fucking jerkoff. I know that neither I nor my family has the cash to keep me on life support for extended periods of time. I don't have life insurance. Since I have a living will, it's the lawyers and doctors obligation to let me go. The "dirty paws" comment is me saying that it's not anyone else's choice but mine, which is the underlying motive for having a living will.
  10. You're damn straight I would. Which is why I have a living will. For me, it's more that I wouldn't want anybody to have the burden of choosing for me on their shoulders. And if I didn't have one, you'd better fucking keep your filthy paws off me, regardless of what I might have said in "passing conversations."
  11. Whether you believe or not, he believes. And with his power he has done great things, and constantly strives to do more. That's worthy of my respect and admiration. I hope wherever he ends up is a nice place.
  12. Well, here you go, douchebag (and by the way, that's the right spelling.) I'm not conservative. I'm not Republican. I'm a "liberal", and I use quotes because of the vagueness of that label. I fucking opposed Terri Schiavo's death, and not because I'm a religious fanatic jackass, but because I read into the story enough (I hope) to form my own opinion that Terri Schiavo didn't need to die. I don't support our war for oil. So you can shove any relationships between my stance on Schiavo and the war in Iraq right the fuck up your ass.
  13. Totally shitty. Rest in peace, Mitch. "and then I wrote PS: This is what part of the alphabet would look like if Q and R were eliminated."
  14. Yeah... I gotta agree. There was actually talk yesterday of putting her back on the tube. At that point, you've kinda tortured her enough already. ...To take the edge off: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/228568
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