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  1. HELL NAH!!! THAT'S A GARAGE PIECE OF SHIT FLICK. AVOID IT!!! I DIDN'T PAY TO SEE IT THOUGH SO.... IT WAS STILL TWO HOURS OF AGONY SITTIN' THERE HIGH AS FUCK ON MORPHINE WHILE I COULDA BEEN SCRATCHING WINDOWS OR SOME BETTER SHIT. Quoted post [/b] Yeah... i dont find Natalie Portman attractive but she looks good on that flic... but still the movie sucks, it's a really corny piece of shit.
  2. I just want to know what's soooo wrong about being born rich?
  3. Phunk you are losing a lotta money just handing out those flics for free...
  4. Y KE PERO YO DIGO LOS BARRIOS AKA KE ESTEN RECONOSIDOS POR TODOS ADOS LOS DLC NO ESTAN TAMPOKO AKA BIEN VERGAS WE!!! :king: ,,ESKANE,,NIAK,,C12K :king: Quoted post Que??!... Esos negros desmadraron Mexicali, todavia quedan tags y throwups de ellos, fue de los primeros crews en usar fatcaps... sin historia no se es nada.
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