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  1. and they are soo black, i feel bad for them Wolf Blitzer is my hero
  2. 5) "Considering the dire circumstances that we have in New Orleans, virtually a city that has been destroyed, things are going relatively well." –FEMA Director Michael Brown, Sept. 1, 2005 (Source) What an ass
  3. So he's not really runnning for pres? I think he would get some real support
  4. If you smoke herb, a lot if times it gives people overactive bladders. I piss more than average and frequently get down
  5. You know damn well that if he was a Muslim cleric, he would have been a serious target "It's clear from the teachings of the Quran and also from the history of Islam that it's anything but peaceful," Robertson said in a subsequent interview with CNN. Christianity was spread through the sword. What an ass
  6. shit imma buy it now. .. apperently amazon still sells it
  7. OE 40oz curious what ya boy named it
  8. constanly sellin us shit
  9. ive never had it, think it doesnt phase me
  10. Stash the rest in my Aunties house
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