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  1. hmm, so it's kinda like you have a back-up...you could ditch one a pursue the other i suppose, or vice versa, to avoid the shit you will be knee deep in as time goes by. or you could play on a be a soldier, and keep a back-up, just be real slick about it...i wish i could help man. i'm sure some other player will come along and give some good advice. good luck.
  2. better not walk or run anywhere either, you might trip and fall and hit your temple on something pointy and die.
  3. it's sad really. the same goes for chicken... as an alternative, don't sleep on trader joe's alaskan cod.
  4. i went for a ride in a cooper mini last night with a friend, who was borrowing it from another friends mom...everywhere we drove people would just stare at us, some of them being girls. so if i had one of those, it would be my mega prop. oh yeah, please post some pictures man, what a tease.
  5. I'm not a vegetarian or vegan or nothing, but this article has most definitely made me think twice about where certain foods come from... Cattle Futures? By MICHAEL POLLAN It's hard to say whether an American hamburger was appreciably less safe to eat the day after a Holstein cow tested positive for bovine spongiform encephalopathy in Washington State last month than it was the day before, but it had sure gotten less appetizing. The news cracked open a door on the industrial kitchen where America's meat is prepared, and what we glimpsed on the other side was
  6. http://www.sammydog.com/images/toaster.jpg'> don't forget about the toaster, for toasted bagels and cream cheese...or blueberry waffles, etc etc...
  7. http://www.keef.org/film/idiot.jpg'>
  8. Like in Blazing Saddles, when that big guy punches a horse right in the face and it hits the ground real hard?
  9. they stink. there's no grass so they start eating your jackets. they fart a lot, and it's really loud and stinky. i wish they would go back to the farm where they can fart and stink amongst themselves. http://www.youth.co.za/theedge/images/sacred-cows.jpg'>
  10. this guy wants to become a monk, so he goes to the mountains and joins the monks. he can only say 2 words a year, aside from all the prayers and what nots he has to recite. after the first year the higher monks ask to hear his two words, to which he replies: "Bed...hard." After the second year he goes to the higher monks and says: "Food...Bad." Another year goes by and he says to the higher monks: "I quit!", and the higher monks are like, "well no shit, you've been doing nothing but complaining since you got here."
  11. That's even better. How about if you filled the sock with batteries or quarters, and knocked the dog out...wait, that would defeat the purpose. Unless he dreamt that someone was farting into his face, when someone infact did, so that the stinkyness became part of the dream.
  12. Yeah that sounds good, I could really use getting back into shape. Especially now because if I put it off for another year or two some bad shit might start to happen. The problem is, I'm already preparing for the art of living off rice cakes while scraping and hustling for rent every month, so I might have to put any martial arts off for the time being. I can always go back to playing soccer though, which I'm decent at, and which would get me back in shape just as well.
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