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joe blow

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  1. joe blow

    busted sneaking out

    I know. It's called 'spray graffing'.
  2. joe blow

    KNIVES! thread

    There's something wrong with you.
  3. I remember someone telling me it was Mark Twain the other night. Thanks again.
  4. I dunno where I heard it, but it's something along the lines of- "The rumors sorrounding my death have been greatly exagerated" Maybe it's not even a real quote, but I KNOW I picked it up somewhere. Thanks dudes.
  5. joe blow

    letter of the day 9-30

    Wouldn't you bother capping and spelling correctly in a letter to the president?
  6. joe blow

    pirates of the caribean

    Best movie I've seen in ages.
  7. joe blow

    Seeking the Birthday Boy Oner.

    Alot's happened in 3 pages around here.
  8. joe blow

    Seeking the Birthday Boy Oner.

    Didn't you say you were Japanese?
  9. joe blow

    Seeking the Birthday Boy Oner.

  10. Wow, an accountant. How interesting. Nice pad though.
  11. joe blow

    for the smart guys

  12. joe blow


    Fuckn def.
  13. joe blow

    Allright here iz tha rizzeal poll fool onerz?!?!?

    In what respect? I'm pretty sure you;re the one who loses faggot.
  14. joe blow

    ideal pet

    Animals are fucked up and stupid. Give me an exotic aquarium.