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  1. crave

    Oldest registration date on 12oz?

    Steady lurking.
  2. Thanks man. Just PCS'ed back stateside from Stuttgart...back to Bragg. Although, it seems as though I'll be hitting up A-stan early next year. Oh what fun.
  3. It's good to see this thread still around.
  4. crave

    Solo in Tokyo. Travel photo thread.

    On the bucketlist, for sure.
  5. crave

    Hunting for old graffiti items

    I already posted this in Ch. 0, but for those of you that don't frequent that section... I'm willing to part with any of the above, shoot me a pm with an offer if interested.
  6. crave

    Old 12oz Mags.

    I'm willing to part with any of the above. Shoot me a pm with an offer if interested.
  7. crave

    Old 12oz Mags.

    I have all of the old mags and a couple of those posters (with staple holes in the corners.) Shit, I even managed to keep a copy of an 7th Heaven (I think) mail order receipt.
  8. crave

    Words With Friends

    mistercrave I lose a lot, but I like to play.
  9. crave

    The Great Photography Superthread

    Re: Great Pictures~ Cool pics. However, I've never been a fan of doubling up on optics.
  10. crave

    2002 rewind...

    I used to enjoy those PGW stories too..
  11. crave

    THE before and After THREAD!!

    Kettiecat.... Who still has that pic/gif??
  12. crave

    Fist is Warbound

    Oh yeah, welcome home! Go blow that deployment cash. /nh
  13. crave

    Fist is Warbound

    Giant shit pond...?? If shit hasn't changed, I know exactly what you're talking about.
  14. Damnit, I wanted that Ouija painting.. :/
  15. crave

    I shat on my parents today.

    Re: I shit my pants today. Only drink the tea, and even then, that's after you've watched it boil for several minutes. Just a word of advice.. (The flat bread is cool too.) Funny story; after a couple of weeks of eating MREs I was ready to try something else, so our terp hooked us up with some of the local cuisine. It was sort of like a one for one swap, the terps took a few MREs and we got whatever-the-fuck they were eating. The next few days were miserable, pissing shit is never fun. Later, our terp expressed his extreme displeasure in shitting a solid log...he'd never done so before. We concluded that pissing shit must be the norm. Again, just the tea, only drink the tea.