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  1. Wow, this thread is still around..
  2. I eventually got mine, it took a few weeks. Thanks, @misteraven
  3. Think that would work for an avatar?
  4. I can’t believe I made that list, good times.
  5. Thanks man. Just PCS'ed back stateside from Stuttgart...back to Bragg. Although, it seems as though I'll be hitting up A-stan early next year. Oh what fun.
  6. I already posted this in Ch. 0, but for those of you that don't frequent that section... I'm willing to part with any of the above, shoot me a pm with an offer if interested.
  7. I'm willing to part with any of the above. Shoot me a pm with an offer if interested.
  8. I have all of the old mags and a couple of those posters (with staple holes in the corners.) Shit, I even managed to keep a copy of an 7th Heaven (I think) mail order receipt.
  9. mistercrave I lose a lot, but I like to play.
  10. Re: Great Pictures~ Cool pics. However, I've never been a fan of doubling up on optics.
  11. I used to enjoy those PGW stories too..
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