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  1. Beast

    Afex AST CFC

    It has been a while since I was on the forum but I thought I would add some heaters.
  2. Beast

    Hunting for old graffiti items

    Come on, no collectors lurking around here anymore?
  3. Beast

    KING 157

    coming correct all the time.
  4. Beast

    spotted 89

    Potna High Normel Atomik - autorack Sigh Arys Sigh Rei Ergot Whore, Brawl Theory Kamit, Leav Archer Hbak, Vash Evak Ears, Hope4
  5. Beast

    -Graffiti Books-

    Steel Wheels looks to be out: http://steelwheelsonline.com/steelwheelsbookbuy.html
  6. Beast

    Graff on DVD?

    In Out DVD featuring all Montreal, Canada transit. available here. http://www.visualorgasm.com/store/videos_dvds.html
  7. Beast

    Hunting for old graffiti items

    http://shop.ebay.ca/thevideodrome/m.html This guy has some original Video Graff VHS .
  8. Beast

    Old Graffiti Magazines...

    I'll promote my thread for people hunting for particular graffiti items. http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=132781 I got mags to move but mostly mid 90's stuff.
  9. Beast

    spotted 89

    Raem, Kerse Tyme Spek, Ich Chem Payup, Gnes
  10. Beast

    spotted 89

    a few today. Aser Klutz, Gore, Hope4 Funk, R2d2 Task Ich, Sept Dyme, Falk Atom Virus, Tars Size21 Ereo3
  11. Beast

    156 All Stars!

    a few of my fliks... caught this up in Canada recently.
  12. Beast


    only other thing was Truer, Besto, Gender e2e on the side I caught.
  13. Beast


    I remember him at Under Pressure hustling discontinued American Accents. Been catching his stuff for years and then today I get the honour of seeing this roll by side by side, a perfect married couple.
  14. Beast

    CAPS sooperthread

    You can find them here http://www.visualorgasm.com/store/caps.html shipping included in all prices for North America. Oinkart should have them soon too.