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  1. Here down in Latin America i think everybody hates you gringos. jajaja
  2. :haha: Es buenisimo! Nada gente, saludos desde Argentina! Es agradable leer español en este foro de tanto en tanto.
  3. Plain SICK!! i haven't herad or seen this guy until i get in this tread... As you can see the flick are all stoled :innocent:
  4. Violent femmes - blister in the sun
  5. Some more random stuff from my books... Some airbrush... Kaos, Fatso & Banz There you hace it, post some more later... you know...
  6. BANZ

    South America

    Bayer is ill with skills, i'm in Buenos Aires rigth now hunting graffiti with a camera. In a few days i'll pos some.
  7. En respuesta a un par de preguntas, esto es lo que se usa por aca: las ultimas son muy buenas latas de hecho... y se usa mucho de esto: :haha:
  8. Usualy the graff on some of these girls is pretty lame... but, well just play along... :chicken:
  9. Yeah... dope writers but graff people always forget south-america...
  10. BANZ

    South America

    2x1 Santiago, Chile. 1000 Buenos Aires, Argentina. OK by Tonot, I dunno if he is from Santiago or Buenos Aires.
  11. Some of mine... Banz, Argentina My beloved Helen Dune, from Barcelona... And some stuff i have arround... Tonot... i don't remember were is this guy from... 2x1, Santiago de Chile 1000, Buenos Aires So, there you have it...
  12. My dog is even more creepy, i have no flick, but the mother fucker got 20 years allready & it seems that he just don't wanna die...
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