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  1. good call. i cleaned the heck out of my apartment and made sure i wasn't around my roomate. she's fine.
  2. hahahahaha.....no. had stomach flu over xmas week..was fine on my week off of work (thank goodness) but had the bad flu this week. just another statistic for CNN. Two days in bed and I'm feeling better. Mucinex-D, weed, rest, netti pot, water.
  3. I just watched this when I was sick the other day. Bummed.
  4. If you want to do graphic art, try to get contracted with a big company....aka, don't get hired with them, work FOR them. They will pay freelance prices and keep you on seasonally (or as long as they need you) especially if they don't have a budget for hiring on a new person...it usually comes out of a different budget. I hear Gap always does this. I've worked for one major corporation. Before that was smaller businesses. I gotta tell ya, working for a big company can be a huge pain in the ass, and sometimes it takes a long time to get to where ya wanna go. But the security and sometimes the pay is well worth it. I did a little bit of college but milked my job for some classes and it really advanced me with the company. 7 years with the same one and if I ever want to move, transferring is a breeze. But you know what? It took me a while to get to where I am. Hell, I didn't even think I'd be with the same company for so long. Interviews are the worst. THEE worst. It's kinda like selling your soul to the devil or doing a real good job at knowing your worst attributes but making them sound OK. My advice- Resume: 1. Write down ALL your experience and skills on one sheet of paper. 2. Build your resume: your name in big letters with contact information, experience (you don't need EVERY job, just the important ones to where you are applying to), a few of the skills you wrote down before, education, and 3 references (professional...not your mom). Take a look at your experiences and skills and apply them to your resume. 3. have someone proof read it...maybe two people. Nothing is more annoying that spelling errors on a resume. Applying: 1. Look online: craigslist, local listings 2. Apply online or in person 3. After you apply, go to that business and show your fucking face to the hiring manager. Bring in a paper copy of your resume and have a super short convo about why you want the job. What not to say: "I want this job because I live close by" "I haven't had a job in a while" (you can usually lie about this) "I don't know anything about this company" (research it...grab some buzzwords from their website) Then there's the interview: 1. Take rescue remedy or something that will chill you the fuck out before you go in...but not too chill. 2. research the company 3. know the names of the people who are interviewing you 4. dress like you want the job. Jeans and a ripped shirt usually doesn't help unless it's a strip club or a janitor position 5. shake hands with the folks that interviewed you 6. it's OK to not know an answer - don't be an obvious bullshitter. People can smell that shit a mile away. 7. Ask when they will get back to you 8. Say thank you
  6. hahahaha. his wife looks better in tattoo form than in real life. toe back.
  7. warpaint just got a few songs off spotify for the soft moon. into it. chromatics ducktails really getting back into gary numan and behexen has been on my list. i'm a mess when it comes to music.
  8. man accused of choking girlfriend with his dreads - http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2013/01/man-accused-of-choking-girlfriend-with-dreadlocks/ An Oregon woman told police her boyfriend used his dreadlocks to choke her during an argument. Officers responded to a home in Portland at 2:28 a.m. Monday after receiving a report of a domestic assault. The victim, who was not identified, told police her boyfriend, Caleb Grotberg, choked her with his dreadlocks, which are matted ropes of hair. The woman was taken to a Portland hospital where she was treated for “numerous, non-life-threatening injuries,” said Sgt. Pete Simpson of the Portland Police Bureau. Grotberg, 32, was located by officers in the neighborhood and booked into the Multnomah County Jail. He is scheduled to be arraigned today on charges of kidnap in the second degree, attempted assault in the second degree, assault in the fourth degree, menacing, and strangulation. All of the charges are domestic violence felony crimes.
  9. I bought 5 depeche mode tapes the other day. And a holy other record. Lots of grimes and Zola Jesus And burzum
  10. i still want to know what happened.
  11. i got the stomach flu. i puked out of my nose. then i got my period.
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